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SSL Certificates

Give your website the SSL triple-lock!

Protect your website visitors with SSL from as little as 5p per day

Reassure your visitors with powerful security which protects usernames, passwords & more

From 23rd July any web page not running https with a valid SSL certificate will show a "Not Secure" warning in the Google Chrome address bar.

An SSL Certificate allows visitors to connect securely to your website, so that any sensitive or personal data is encrypted and safe during transfer.

Having an SSL certificate is also a positive ranking factor for your site's position in search results. This has been confirmed by Google to encourage webmasters to switch to SSL and create a safer, more secure Internet.

Our SSL Certificates display the green browser padlock which lets your website users know that your site is safe, secure and trustworthy.

Some of our more advanced certificates also display the green browser bar to provide extra reassurance to your website visitors.

If your website takes any form data then an SSL certificate is a must-have to ensure the security of your visitor's data and to give them the reassurance that they need when providing any details.

And from only £17.50 per year, with wildcard certificate options for multiple domain names, our SSL Certificates come at great prices as well!

Secure Your Site

Secure SSL Certificates

Reassure visitors & boost rankings

from just
excluding VAT / year

  • Choice of SSL validation types
    to suit any website
  • Activates browser padlock (and green
    browser bar with Extended Validation)
  • Compatible with Freeola
    & third party hosting services
  • 256-bit encryption signed with
    a 2048-bit root
  • 100% Mobile-friendly and 99%
    web browser compatibility
  • Options for multiple websites

Our SSL Certificates are compatible with all of our hosting services (InstantPro Website Builder, VIP Hosting, Unlimited Hosting), so you'll always be able to secure your Freeola hosted website. They can also be used with any hosting provider that allows third party SSL certificates, or on your own web server, so even if you don't host with Freeola, you can still get an SSL certificate from us at a great price.

Want to learn more about securing your website with SSL?
Find out more in our 'SSL Certificates - Securing Your Site With HTTPS' blog article.

What would you like to secure with your
SSL Certificate?

Why your website should be
Secured with SSL

Protect your website visitors and secure their trust

Protecting website visitors is of huge importance. If your website requires users to enter personal or sensitive information an SSL Certificate is vital. SSL protects your user’s details while reassuring them that you take web security seriously, which in turn means they’ll be more likely to return to your site in the future.

Secure your website and protect your reputation

Your reputation can make or break your website. If people see browser warnings, or notice you don’t have suitable security in place, your online standing could suffer badly. Ask yourself whether you’d do business with an online retailer if you felt that your personal data was at risk.

Boost your website's search engine rank and position

SSL can also help you to rank higher in search engines such as Google. With an increasing emphasis on websites to provide quality content but also present safe and secure platforms for people, an SSL Certificate can be an easy way to boost your rankings. What’s more, in the near future some browsers plan to begin flagging unsafe or unsecure sites so now is an ideal time to jump on the SSL bandwagon.

Help make the web a better place for everyone

The web can be a unsecure place, with some studies showing that only a staggering 3% of sites use encryption. With public awareness of online security growing and search engines pushing for a more secure web, the more websites that utilise SSL encryption, the sooner the internet can become a more secure place for everyone, whether you are a webmaster or simply a web user.

What would you like to secure with your
SSL Certificate?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SSL stand for and how does it work?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL works by creating a secure connection between a website and your web browser, allowing all information to be transferred safely and securely.

When a visitor accesses your site, the web server will automatically send the visitor’s browser a copy of the secure certificate and a unique encryption-key. All data for that session is then sent in an encrypted format that can only be read by the visitor’s browser and the web server; keeping it safe from anyone else who attempts to intercept the data.

All that needs to happen for the secure certificate to be set up on your website, is to confirm your details as the legitimate owner of the website. Once established, the set up of the certificate on your website can be fully automated if you’re a Freeola web hosting customer. Simple instructions are provided for SSL customers who want to use their certificate with websites hosted elsewhere.

How can an SSL Certificate boost my search engine ranking?

Historically, SSL Certificates and SEO were not related, however, in 2014, Google announced that it would begin using SSL as a signal in their search engine ranking algorithm.

This means as well as being a good indicator of a trusted and secure website, SSL also adds to your search engine rank, so if you ranked equally in Google with another website without SSL, then switching to SSL (or ‘HTTP over SSL’) could give you the edge over your competition.

What do I need to use an SSL Certificate for my website?

All you need to use an SSL Certificate is a domain name pointing to a server or web hosting package. All our SSL Certificates can be used with any of Freeola’s hosting servers but can also be used with other hosts that support third-party SSL Certificates. You will also need an email address to receive communications from your SSL provider.

What are the different types of SSL & which should I use?

DV (Domain Validation)

Inexpensive, basic protection recommended for personal or hobby sites and small forums that need basic encryption for things like logins, forms or other non-transactional data.

Only the verified owner of the domain name can purchase an SSL Certificate for the domain. Validation is done via email sent to the domain owner. Domain validated SSL Certificates can be issued very quickly - often in minutes.

OV (Organisation Validation)

Affordable protection for small businesses. Recommended for small to medium sized business sites where validation of the company is important. Highly recommended for sites with low-volume eCommerce transactions. Only verified representatives of the organization may purchase these certificates and business licences or other proof is required. The Certificate Authority will verify through a phone call to ensure that the certificate request is legitimate.

EV (Extended Validation)

Proven to boost customer confidence. Recommended for mid-sized to enterprise sites where visitor confidence is key. A must for websites with transactions for payments, online banking, and eCommerce. With Extended Validation, as well as displaying the certificate seal, the address bar is displayed in green, providing customers with an extra level of confidence.

In order to be approved for an Extended Validation certificate, the certificate authority will actively check the organisation and the individual applying for the certificate. This is to verify that the organisation is positively the organisation they claim to be, and the individual requesting the certificate is someone who is authorized to request a digital certificate. Extended Validation may take as long as one week to complete.

How many website addresses will my certificate cover?

Certificates are available with several different options for the range of website addresses that they can cover.

Secure one website address

These certificates can be registered for one website address only, however will also automatically support the www. variation. For example a certificate registered for will also cover

Secure one website address and all subdomains

These certificates are known as wildcard certificates and allow for a website address and all subdomains to be protected with a single certificate. For example, you could register a wildcard certificate for * and that certificate would work for,, and any other subdomain. The wildcard refers to the fact that the certificate is provisioned for all immediate subdomains of

Secure multiple website addresses

Known as SANs (Subject Alternative Names) certificates, these certificates allow for multiple website addresses to be protected with a single certificate. For example, you could get a certificate for, and also assign it to, and even

Are your SSL Certificates compatible with most browsers?

Below are just a few examples of web browsers that support secure web hosting through our SSL Certificates. These are not all of the supported browsers as over 99% of all browsers for PC, Mac and Mobiles support the use of SSL Certificates.

What companies supply your SSL Certificates?

We only supply SSL Certificates developed by trusted and renowned security experts. Our various SSL Certificates are supplied by industry leaders GeoTrust, Comodo and RapidSSL.

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