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Freeola Domain Email Hosting

How to get a free email address with every Freeola Hosted domain.


Free email address with every domain or unlimited addresses for £2 per month.

With expert, UK-based live chat and telephone support.

Here at Freeola we have made it super easy to set-up your own personalised email address at your own domain.

If you’re looking for just one simple email address, then Freeola One Address is perfect for you and comes free with every domain that you have with us.

If you’d like multiple addresses and the ability to synchronise your mail across all of your devices, EmailPro is our cheap email service, offering you unlimited addresses at your domain. EmailPro is ideal for setting up your personal or business email.

One Address


with a domain name.

  • One Email Address
  • Webmail Lite
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Antispam Protection
  • POP3 Email Mailbox


Just £2 p/m

or free with Freeola Broadband.

  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • EmailPro Webmail (Enhanced)
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Antispam Protection
  • Custom Antispam Filters
  • POP3 or Synchronised IMAP Mailbox

If you are a Freeola Broadband customer, you can use your £12 back each month against Freeola's EmailPro service.
Prices are ex VAT unless otherwise stated.

Choose your customised email address

Email at your own domain (e.g. [email protected]).

The first step in having a truly customised email address is picking your own unique domain (the bit after the @ symbol). Try typing a few key words into the search bar below to see what domains are available.

If you already have a domain hosted elsewhere, you can transfer your domain to Freeola & Get Dotted free of charge.

Freeola Email Features

Freeola’s email services are great whether you are looking for a personal email account, or looking to set up your business email with professional and personalised addresses. All of our email services come packed with loads of great features as standard.

Unlimited POP Inbox:

All email addresses created at your Freeola domain come with an unlimited POP inbox. IMAP (to sync mailboxes across devices) can be selected with EmailPro.


Webmail allows you to view new messages and send via your web browser – from any device anywhere. Further functionality and IMAP syncing is available with EmailPro.

Unlimited Email Autoresponders:

Set an automatic response to any incoming mail, with a message of your choice. Ideal for when you are out of the office for a few days.

Unlimited Email Forwarding:

Automatically forward incoming emails to an email address of your choice.

Email Anti-Spam:

If you have an email address spam messages are inevitable. Freeola’s Anti-Spam vets your incoming mail and filters out any mail considered to be “spam”.

Email Antivirus:

Freeola’s Email Antivirus performs scans on all incoming mail to prevent any harmful messages reaching your inbox and infecting your computer.

If you are a Freeola Broadband customer, you can use your £12 back each month against Freeola’s EmailPro service.

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