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If there are any network faults or a service announcements, you can find details below. For regular updates with on-going service issues, please follow @Freeola on Twitter.

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Recently Resolved Faults

Service issues: VIP and Email Hosting

Fault logged: 11:51 26/03/2018
Fault closed: 10:13 23/04/2018

Fault Information:

We are currently experiencing a network issue at the data centre hosting our VIP EmailPro and outgoing email (SMTP) Services. Engineers are looking to resolve this as soon as possible and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Fault Updates:

14:48 04/04/2018

We have now done work to restore sites on vip9 with mitigation in place.  This has involved some IP address changes, so sites may not function correctly for an hour or so.

08:56 04/04/2018

Following yesterday's DDoS attack, sites hosted on will still be unavailable. This machine was turned off as it appeared to be the target of the attack. We will be taking steps to reduce the impact attacks like this have, and intend to get the server up and running again later today. Please accept our apologies for the on-going inconvenience this is causing.

15:01 03/04/2018

As a temporary measure one of our IPs for has been blocked.  All other services should be back up and working.  We will update on measures to resolve issues for customers on vip9 later.

13:44 03/04/2018

Traffic is flowing normally again. We're still investigating and services may still be affected throughout the afternoon. We'll continue to post updates as we get more information. Apologies to all customers for the problems these issues will be causing.

12:49 03/04/2018

Unfortunately the earlier issue returned. We believe the target of the attack has been identified and we should be able to take steps to prevent this happening again. Nature of a DDoS attack makes confirming these things quite difficult. Apologies once more.

12:17 03/04/2018

Things look to be getting back to normal now. Customers whose sites are hosted on will still be seeing issues. Please accept our apologies for the obvious inconvenience these issues cause to everyone.

11:09 03/04/2018

Investigations are still on-going. Please accept our apologies for the continued inconvenience.

10:09 03/04/2018

The network looks to be suffering a DDos attack once more. We'll try and get things up and running as quickly as possible. We are investigating. Please accept our apologies.

19:06 29/03/2018

Our upstream provider is also investigating this to look into mitigation.

17:13 29/03/2018

Unfortunately the same issue has return again. We are continuing to investigate.

15:08 29/03/2018

Traffic has now returned to normal but we are continue monitoring closely.

13:00 29/03/2018

We have seen similar issues to the problem on Monday recur after about 12 today.  The issue seems to have receeded, but is still under investigation, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

12:49 29/03/2018

The issue for Monday have returned, a repeated DDoS attack. Apologies to all customer affected by this. We are working to rectify this as quickly as possible but the nature of the problem make this difficult.

17:28 26/03/2018

Services have remained stable for the last few hours. We will continue to monitor closely. The issue was caused by traffic saturation on the upstream network due to a DDoS attack again one of our servers.

15:22 26/03/2018

Traffic is now flowing normally as services are coming back online. However we are continuing to investigate the cause.

15:08 26/03/2018

Whilst we have not received official communication that the issue has been resovled at the data centre, we are beginning to see some service being restored. 
We continue to monitor this ongoing issue, and pushing for a speedy resoluton. When we receive notice that full service has been resumed we will update this announcement once more. 

13:09 26/03/2018

Work is still ongoing to restore service. Indications are that a DDoS is the cause. Network engineers are continuing to investigate.

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