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Free Unlimited E-mail Addresses

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Freeola's unlimited E-mail Hosting is available at your own domain or by using
one of our great free addresses. You can register domain names from as little as £3.99 per
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Free E-mail
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Mailbox Usage
  • Includes Webmail Lite
  • Access Via: Freeola Internet
  • + Unlimited Forwarding
    + Unlimited Autoresponders
    + Antivirus Protection
    + Antispam Protection
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Free E-mail
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Mailbox Usage
  • Includes Webmail Pro
  • Access Via: Any Connection
  • + Unlimited Forwarding
    + Unlimited Autoresponders
    + Antivirus Protection
    + Customisable Antispam Filters
    + Synchronised E-mail with IMAP
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Synchronised IMAP E-mail.

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E-mail at Your Own Domain
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You can register domain names from our website at, or transfer in domain names hosted elsewhere free of charge. All domains receive Freeola hosting, which includes an unlimited free website.

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If you are unable to register your own domain name from Get Dotted you can take your pick from over 500 cool, wacky, sporty or professional addresses for your Freeola unlimited email hosting, courtesy of Freeola500. Free Website hosting is available too!

freeola e-mail features explained...


The Mailbox is where any of your e-mails are stored on a per-address basis until they are downloaded using an Client (such as Windows Live Mail) or by accessing using Webmail. Freeola's mailboxes are unlimited allowing you to send & receive unlimited mail.

Unlimited E-mail Forwarding:

Forwarding allows any e-mails that are sent to a certain address to automatically be forwarded to another address. This is handy if you want to set up several professional looking addresses such as [email protected] and [email protected] etc), yet have all messages forwarded on to one mailbox

E-mail Antivirus:

Unfortunately, computer viruses can be distributed using e-mail messages and have potential to harm your computer.

Freeola's Email Antivirus performs scans on all incoming mail to prevent any harmful messages reaching your inbox and harming your computer.


Webmail lets you use your e-mail in your web browser. Freeola's Lite version is a simple webmail allowing you to view new messages & send mail. Webmail Pro offers full functionality including full synchronised mail history, message folders, signatures, contacts and more.

Unlimited E-mail Autoresponders:

E-mail Autoresponders offer an automatic response to any incoming mail, with a message of your choice. For example, you might want to use an Autoresponder if you are out of the office for a couple of days, and want to send an automatic email reply .

You can set up autoresponders at as many email addresses as you like with Freeola.

E-mail Anti-Spam:

Spam e-mails are the equivalent of getting junk mail through your letter box. Spam messages are inevitable, and all addresses suffers from receiving spam mail. Freeola Anti-spam vets your incoming mail, and filters any mail considered to be "spam" so they bypass your inbox which is left for important e-mail messages only.

Please note: If you don't want to use a domain name with Freeola E-mail, you can choose one of our fun free e-mail addresses, available free of charge with a Freeola Broadband or Dial-Up connection, or with Freeola EmailPro.

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