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If there are any network faults or a service announcements, you can find details below. For regular updates with on-going service issues, please follow @Freeola_Status on Twitter.

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Recently Resolved Faults

Hardware upgrade on Mail 4

Fault logged: 13:32 06/08/2017
Fault closed: 08:23 15/08/2017

Fault Information:

The mail server Mail 4 will be moved to new hardware betwen 11pm and 12pm on Monday 14th August.  Mail services for customers connected via that server will be unavalaible during the upgrade.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Fault Updates:

23:48 14/08/2017

Server maintenance is now complete and services for Mail4 are now running on new hardware.

22:57 14/08/2017

Server mainenenance is now commencing. 

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