Sync mail with EmailPro. Unlimited e-mail on any internet connection.
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With Freeola EmailPro you can now access and synchronise email
across all your devices on any internet connection, wherever you are.
Whether you use your PC at work, your phone on the train or your
laptop at home, EmailPro with IMAP allows you to synchronise
your email so you're always in control of your inbox. Just £2 per
month & only £1 for each extra domain, EmailPro is a must-have.
Compatible with all of
the latest devices...
Your Freeola email synchronised
across your PCs, MACs, iPhones,
laptops & all other latest gadgets.
Access e-mail wherever you
are with free webmail...
Access your e-mail from the library,
hotel or anywhere with a net
connection via free Webmail.
Unlimited Addresses

Freeola EmailPro lets you create unlimited email adresses at your domain, each with their own unique mail box. Now everyone in the family or office can have their own unique e-mail address.

Free IMAP Email Available

Freeola EmailPro also provides optional IMAP mail, allowing you to synchronise your e-mail, no matter where you are. If you start composing an email on your laptop at home in the morning, you will be able to access the draft on your iPhone on your way to work on the train. Any actions performed on your inbox will remain intact regardless of where, when & how you access it.

E-mail @ Your Domain

These e-mail addresses are created at your own domain name, such as or, rather than a generic e-mail address (you've probably got one of those already, right?).

If you don't already have a domain name hosted with Freeola & you can register domains with us from just £2.99 per year, or transfer domain names to us free of charge.

Unlimited E-mail Addresses
Unlimited e-mail from any internet connection, anywhere in the world!
IMAP or POP E-mail Available
Synchronised e-mail across all of your devices, wherever you are in the world.
Unlimited Inbox Allowance
Unlimited POP e-mail, or 2GB space with IMAP E-mail (expandable).
Unlimited E-mail Forwarding
Forward e-mail on to any email addresses hosted anywhere.
Unlimited Auto Responders
Optional automatic reply of your choice. Ideal when out of the office.
Unlimited E-mail Anti-Spam
Free anti-spam protection is included with every e-mail address as standard.
Unlimited E-mail Anti-Virus
Free anti-virus software included with all accounts for added e-mail security.
Unlimited Webmail
Free unlimited webmail is included, so you can access your e-mail anywhere.
E-mail @ Your Domain
Unlimited e-mail at all domain names hosted free at
Did you know? Freeola EmailPro is included free of charge with any Freeola Broadband package!

Looking for worldwide access for your Freeola500 e-mail addresses?

If you're looking to access your Freeola500 e-mail from any internet connection, you should check out E-mail Freedom. Find out more about E-mail Freedom.

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Several problem-free years of rock solid service!

I can't praise Freeola enough for the ultra-reliable web hosting for my business, and as providers of both my home and my business broadband. After several completely problem-free years of rock solid service there is no way I would risk my business by using another provider... I have not found anyone else who can come close to matching the one-stop-service I need for my home and business broadband, domain names, and web hosting. I highly recommend Freeola to anybody serious about the online side of their business.

Moonshine Studio from Penzance
Thank you for making the whole thing work so well...

So easy to use and the features included in it are very user-friendly. I have recommended your service to a lot of my friends... I'm now getting good business from my site and am positive that the ease of use of your site builder facility has really helped me to get to this position.

Chris from Romsey, Hants.

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