Sync mail with EmailPro. Unlimited email on any internet connection.
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Sync mail with EmailPro. Unlimited email on any internet connection.
just £2 p/m

Unlimited email addresses at your domain names

Synchronised, unlimited email on any internet connection!

With Freeola EmailPro you can now access and synchronise email across all of your devices on any internet connection, wherever you are. Whether you use your PC at work, your phone on the train or your laptop at home, EmailPro with IMAP allows you to synchronise your email so you're always in control of your inbox. Just £2 per month and £1 for each extra domain with unlimited addresses at each domain, EmailPro is a must-have.

Why should I choose Freeola EmailPro?

Unlimited Addresses

Freeola EmailPro lets you create unlimited email addresses at your domain, each with their own unique mailbox. Now everyone in the family or office can have their own unique email address.

IMAP Email Option Included

EmailPro offers optional IMAP mail for each of the email addresses on your domain, allowing you to sychronise your email, no matter where you are.

If you start composing an email at home in the morning, you will be able to access the draft on your mobile on your way to work. Your messages will be synchronised wherever, whenever & however you access your inbox.

Email @ Your Domain

EmailPro addresses can be created at any Freeola hosted domain, whether it's your own domain name, like [email protected], or one of our Freeola500 free addresses.

Don't have a domain name hosted with Freeola & You can register domains with us from just £1.99 per year, transfer domain names to us free of charge, or pick a free address.

  • Freeola EmailPro Features

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

    Unlimited email from any internet connection, anywhere in the world!

  • IMAP / POP email Available
  • Unlimited Email Inbox
  • 2GB Synced Email Storage
  • Unlimited email Forwarding
  • Unlimited Auto Responders
  • Unlimited email Anti-Spam
  • Unlimited email Anti-Virus
  • Unlimited Webmail
  • Email @ Your Domain
£2 per month
2 for 1 - Unlimited IMAP Email
Want more? Add an additional domain to your EmailPro subscription and increase your capacity by 2GB, all for just £1 more.
Mobile Phone

Compatible with all of the latest devices

Your Freeola email synchronised across your PC's, Mac's, iPhone, laptops & all other latest gadgets.


Access email wherever you
are with free webmail

Access your email from the library, hotel or anywhere with a net connection via Webmail.

Find Email Confusing? You can find out more about IMAP and POP email
protocols with our detailed 'What are POP & IMAP Email Settings' blog article.

Sign up now for just £2 per month ex VAT!

You can apply EmailPro to any Freeola-hosted domain. If you don't already have any domains hosted in your MyFreeola account, you can register new domains from just £1.99 per year, or transfer domain names in from other registrars absolutely free of charge. It then costs a tiny £1 extra per month to add each subsequent domain to your subscription.

Did you know? EmailPro is included free with any Freeola Broadband package!

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