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Website Visitor Statistics
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Visitor Statistics

InstantPro has built in visitor statistics which show you the most popular pages on your website, along with how people found your site and extra information on page hits and impressions.

To get to the Visitor Statistics, from the Main Menu, click the Website Statistics under the Website Tools header.

Main Menu

Visitors & Impressions

The Visitors & Impressions tab shows information regarding Visitors (how many people have seen a page) and the number of Page Impressions (how many times the page is viewed). The statistics on this page are sorted by Month, you can select a different month by using the Drop-Down Menu on the left.

Visitors & Impressions

Search Terms

The Search Terms tab provides information regarding how visitors got to your site (what was searched for in search engines to reach your page). More information on keywords can be found in the Search Engine Optimisation Tutorial.

Search Terms


The Referers tab provides information regarding referring sites (sites that link to your site, that people have clicked through from). This can help determine where your visitors are coming from. Typically you'd expect to see Search Engine Addresses here, but other sites may appear too.


Page View Trends

The Page View Trends tab displays historic data for your page views. In this section you can see the amount of views per month since your site went live.

Page View Trends

Adding a Visitor Counter

The Visitor Counter tab allows you to add a visitor counter to the bottom of your site. To do this click the On/Off slider & choose a style from the selection shown, then click Finish.

Visitor Counter

Need More In-Depth Statistics?

If you require a more in-depth analysis of your website traffic, you may wish to use the Google Analytics service, which is available to use free of charge.

For help with adding this feature to your InstantPro site, take a look at the Adding Google Analytics Tutorial.

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