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Managing Your Categories

All of your products are automatically sorted into categories; with a page created for each - this is why it is a compulsory field when you fill out your product information. You have the option to add subcategories too (these are not separate pages – but they do make searching for products easier).

This guide covers the ways that you can manage your categories, such as re-naming and changing the order of the pages.

The first thing that you will need to do is open the Shop Manager. To do this, from the Main Menu, select Shop Manager from under the Pages & Content header.

Category Page Manager

You can find the Category Page Manager in the Shop Links section (on the right hand side of the page). Your Categories and Subcategories will be listed here.

Renaming: From here you can simply rename your categories and subcategories – to do this simply click into the name field and edit them as desired.

Renaming a Category

Delete: You can delete a category or subcategory by clicking the bin icon; please do be aware that all products within the category or subcategory will be deleted.

Deleting a Categoryy

Navigation & Publishing: The Menu & Page Online check boxes allow you to control whether your category page appears in the Navigation Menu and whether it is published online.

Put category page live

Once you are happy with any changes you have made, press the Save Names & Finish button.

Automatic Pages (New & Offers) and Manual Shop Pages will not appear in the Category Page Manager – these can be managed via the Page Manager.

Page Manager

The Page Manager can also be found in the Shop Links section. All of your categories can be found here, including the Automatic & Manual Pages. The Type & Info column will list whether your shop page is category, automatic or a Manual Shop Page.

Editing Automatic & Manual Shop Pages: you can rename these pages by pressing the pencil icon next to the page name. You can also use the bin icon to delete these pages and the Menu and Online check boxes to control whether the page appears on the Navigation Menu and whether it will appear online.

Manual & Automatic Pages

Page Order: Your shop pages will automatically be put in alphabetical order. You can change the order by using the up & down arrows on the left – or by dragging and dropping your pages into place.

Changing page order

Shop Pages

Your Shop Pages are listed on the right below the Shop Links. If you click on a category – you will be taken to that individual page, from here you can edit your products individually (including the category & subcategory fields).

From here you can also decide whether you would like to add an Optional Page Introduction to your shop pages.

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