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How to use Google Webmaster Tools with InstantPro Website Builder
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Google Verification

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about how Google views your website, and offers a number of methods to enhance your position in Google.

Step 1: From the Main Menu, click Search Engine Tools from under the Website Tools heading.

Main Menu

Step 2: Around half way down this page you will find a section titled Site Meta Tags. Click the Manage Meta Tags link then select the second tab titled Custom Meta Tags (Advanced).

Custom Meta Tags

Step 3: Open a new tab (or click the link) and to head to the Google Webmaster Tools Site. Click the Sign Up button or Sign In if you already have an account.

Webmaster Tools Site

Step 4: Enter the URL of your site (this can be found in the top of the InstantPro header) into the URL Field, as can be seen in the image below and click the Add Property button.

Add Property

Step 5: Google will now ask you to verify your site. Click the Alternative Methods tab on the right and you will be presented with 4 options. Select the HTML Tag option and you will be given a meta tag code. Copy this and head back to InstantPro.

Copy HTML Tag

Step 6: Paste this into the Enter a Custom Meta Tag field and press Add.

Paste HTMl Tag

Step 7: Now you've added your Custom Meta Tag, you will be given the option to enable it on whichever pages you choose by using the check box. For Webmaster Tools, you must include this custom meta tag on the Home Page (identified by the orange House Icon). Once you are happy with your selection click Save and then Finished.

Enable Pages

Step 8: Now head back to the Google Webmaster Tools Site and click Verify.


Please Note: Freeola is in no way affiliated with Google or their Webmaster Tools service. This tutorial simply offers advice on using their service with an IntantPro site, Google's procedures are subject to change at any time.

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