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Add Google AdSense to your website
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Creating an AdSense Skyscraper in InstantPro

AdSense is a free service supplied by Google which allows you to display adverts on your web site. When visitors click these adverts, you can make a small amount of money.

If you wish to add advertising to your site, you can do so using the Google AdSense skyscraper in InstantPro.

As AdSense is a service provided by Google, you will need to have a Google AdSense account to use the service.

To begin creating your Google AdSense skyscraper you will need to be logged in to the MyFreeola Control Panel and open the InstantPro Website Builder.

Step 1: From the Site Overview screen you will need to select the Skyscraper Manager button, as highlighted in the image below:

Site Overview

Step 2: From the Skyscraper Manager, click the Add a New Skyscraper button highlighted in the image below.

Add a New Skyscraper

Step 3: You will now be taken to the Create Skyscraper page. From here, you will see the Drop Down Menu shown in the image below, click this and select Google AdSense Skyscraper.

Create Skyscraper

Step 4: You will now see that the information to the page changes, now you can assign a Skyscraper Name for reference when assigning it to pages.

Skyscraper Name

Now that the skyscraper has been set up, you will need to go to the Google AdSense Site and login to get your AdSense Code for adding to your skyscraper.

Step 5: Clicking the link in the step above or going to should take you to the page shown below.

AdSense Site

If you already have an account, Sign In at the top of the page. If not, click the Get Started Now button and complete the registration process.

Step 6: After completing the registration process, you should find yourself presented with the message below.

Create Ad Unit

Here, click the Get Started Now button to begin creating an Ad Unit.

Step 7: You can now go to the My Ads section of Google Adsense and click the New Ad Unit button within the Ad Units menu.

New Ad Unit

Step 8: You'll now be given options for your Ad Unit. Firstly, assign a Name, this is for referencing the ad within the Adsense system. Secondly, select the Ad Size. As we're using an AdSense Skyscraper, we selected the Large Skyscraper size.

Ad Unit Settings

You can use other sizes if you choose to implement them within your pages by using snippets.

You can also experiment with the Ad Type settings, but we've left them set to Text Ads Only. Once you're happy with your settings, click the Save and Get Code button.

Step 9: You should now find yourself looking at a window with the information shown below on it. Highlight the code shown below and Copy it.

Get Ad Code

You now need to head back to the Create Skyscraper page in InstantPro.

Step 10: Paste the code you copied from the Google AdSense site in the Insert AdSense Code section of this page as highlighted below.

Insert AdSense Code

Once you've Pasted your code, click Save and then Finish.

Step 11: Now you've created your AdSense Skyscraper, you need to assign it to some pages. Click Assign Skyscrapers to Pages.

Assign Skyscrapers

Step 11: You'll now be shown a list of all of your pages, with the option to add skyscrapers to the left and the right. Use the Drop Down Menus to select the skyscraper you want to display to the left or right of your pages.

Assign to Pages

At the bottom of your pages list, click Apply Changes and then Finish. This will take you back to the Site Overviw.


You have now completed all of the necessary steps to add AdSense to your site.

Please Note: Your AdSense skyscraper will not appear on your live site instantly. You will receive an email from Google AdSense to the email address you set up your account with informing you when your AdSense has been activated.

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