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How to create a sitemap with InstantPro Website Builder
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What is a Sitemap?

There are two key types of sitemap for websites. Take a look at the information below to see which you'd like to include on your site.

Visitor Sitemaps: this is a page that lists all of the pages of your site and links to them for navigation. These sitemaps can have a positive influence on search engine rankings. If you want to include a Sitemap for your visitors, follow the tutorial below.

XML Sitemaps: XML sitemaps are not visible on your site. InstantPro automatically updates an XML sitemap in the background as you update pages & make changes to your content. If you submit your XML sitemap to search engines, this helps search engine crawlers to identify all pages on your site. If you are looking to submit an XML sitemap for search engine use, take a look at our XML Sitemap Tutorial.

Creating a Visitor Sitemap

The idea of a sitemap is to have one page on your site where you, your visitors & search engines can get to all the pages on your site, so ensure you include all pages.

Step 1: From the Main Menu. Click Links Page under Page Types Available to get started. Remember to name it 'Sitemap', so visitors & search engines can find it.

Step 2: Add all of the pages on your site as links. Make sure you add the full web address of your pages. Once you have all your pages added as links, you have a sitemap. If you don't have much experience with InstantPro our tutorial on Creating a Links Page may help.

Using Sitemaps With Google

See the XML sitemap guide for help with submitting your XML sitemap to Google. It is also possible to verify your site with Google's Webmaster Tools, please see the Verify with Webmaster Tools guide.

Google say that they will try their best to crawl your page more frequently if you do this, which may improve how highly your site displays in search results.

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