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How to create a blog using InstantPro
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Creating a Blog Page

A Blog or Web Log is an online journal or diary where you can post news and updates on current affairs and personal interests. Visitors can read and comment on each post you make.

To create your first Blog page you will need to be logged in to your MyFreeola Account and have launched the InstantPro Website Builder from your account.

Should you need any further assistance, hovering over the symbol whenever you see it will provide you with further important information and help with building your website.

Step 1: First, open the website builder from your MyFreeola Control Panel. If you have already created your website, you will be taken to the Site Overview page. If not, you will first have to go through the initial setup wizard.

Building a blog with InstantPro is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. To begin building any page, you need to select Create a New Page from the Site Overview page.

Site Overview Screen

Step 2: Next, select the Blog Page to start making your blog page.

Site Overview Screen

On the right-hand side you can type a Page Name and Page Title for your blog page in the boxes provided. The Page Name that you provide is what your page will be called and linked to across your website, via your navigation menu. If you enter Blog as a Page Name, then this text will appear both in the URL (webpage address) and in your sites' navigation menu. The Page Title that you enter will be at the top of your web browser, such as InstantPro Tutorials - Blog.

You can also optimise your page for search engines by clicking Show Advanced Settings and adding Meta Keywords and a Meta Description, for more information on optimising your site visit our Search Engine Optimisation Guide.

When you have filled the boxes, click Next.

Step 3: Visitors can leave comments on your Blog. By default, comments are displayed automatically when submitted. Using the option at the top of the page, you can choose whether or not to approve comments before they are added to your Blog.

Site Overview Screen

Then you can begin creating your first Blog post! Simply type the Blog Title and add your content exactly like you do with any other page, using the Text Editor provided.

The title you enter here will be the main subject title for your Blog post, so if you are writing about new RSS feature, you may wish to put something like RSS Feeds. The Blog content that you enter is entirely down to you! What do you want to write about?

The Notify me of new Blog comments by e-mail box allows you to enter your e-mail address so that whenever someone comments on your blog, you recieve an email. Tick the box to the left of this and enter your e-mail address in order to recieve e-mail updates.

Many people use blogs to update the public on important events or news/updates. Others use blogs for posting about their lives, much like an online diary where people can respond. Many more use blogs to post funny pictures or jokes... As long as your Blog doesn't contain potentially offensive material - you're free to write about what you wish. When you have finished, click the Finish button.

Step 4: Congratulations, your new blog is now complete and online! You can click view page to view your first Blog post.

Site Overview Screen

Here it is, online and fully-functional! Remember that the appearance of your Blog will depend on what colours and theme you apply to your site.

Site Overview Screen

Now that your Blog is up and working, you will need to know how to use its features - moderating comments, editing blog posts and more. Please see the tutorial entitled Managing your new Blog.

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