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Create An Availability Calendar
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Creating an Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar allows you to list Seasonal Rates & Tariffs, as well as your appointments and availability.

Step 1: After launching InstantPro, you will be taken to the Main Menu. This serves as the starting point for managing everything on your site. Click Availability Calendar under Page Types Available to get started.

Main Menu

Step 2: Enter your Navigation Text and Page Title. The Navigation Text will be displayed on your site navigation and is also shown in the web address for this page. The Page Title is the text that will appear in the top bar of your browser. Once completed, click the Next button.

Note: There are also some Search Engine Optimisation Options. Take a look at the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tutorial if you're not sure what to put here.

Enter Page Information

Edit Available & Unavailable Dates

Step 1: Dates are split into 2 halves, the upper half for AM & the lower half for PM. To edit your availability click the Start Date of your unavailability, next click the End Date of your unavailability. You should now see that all the dates between the Start Date & End Date selected have been highlighted in a different colour. This is how your calendar will appear on your site..

Calendar With Unavailability

Step 2: To choose the colour of your available and unavailable dates, click the orange Edit Colour link next to the Key Icons. The Custom Colour Picker will pop-up, pick your desired colour & click Select.

Colour Picker

Seasonal Rates (Optional): Edit Names, Colours & Date Ranges

Step 1: Here you can set Rate Colours, Rate Names & Select Dates for services that may have differing rates throughout the year. Clicking the Pencil Icon next to the Rate Colour or Rate Name will allow you to edit the colour/name of the corresponding rate.

Seasonal Rates Table

Step 2: To select a date range for the seasonal rate, click Select Dates on the right hand side of the table the Edit Seasonal Rate Dates box will appear. Click your Rate Start Date and then your Rate End Date, the dates will now be highlighted in your selected colour. You can repeat the process for other rates. These will appear as a small sliver of colour under the calendar boxes.

Edit Seasonal Dates

Tariffs (Optional): Enter or Edit Details & Prices

Step 1: Tariffs enable you to display different service levels and their price, for example if you owned a bed & breakfast you might enter the different rooms you offer. You can also list any Seasonal Rate pricing for these services too.

To add the Tariffs and Seasonal Rates, enter your service information in the Tariff Name and Details field, you can then set prices for any rates you want to include.

Edit Tarriffs and Rates

Additional Customer Information

There are 2 extra fields here, which allow you to add General Rate Information and How to Book details. Once you are happy with all of your settings, click the Finish button.

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