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InstantPro Website Builder - Combine page types and create new pages!

Check out the range of page types available with InstantPro. We're adding page types and features all the time following your feedback, so there's loads more to come.

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With InstantPro, you can create a complete website in minutes. The variety of pages that you can create is unlimited! Once you've chosen a template and customised the look and feel of your site from the intuitive menu, there are a couple of ways to create your website page content. The following sections outline the options for page creation, all from an editor that lets you flexibly create any type of page layout and includes dedicated page wizards, allowing you to build complex page types in just a few clicks.

WYSIWYG Text Editor Our Powerful Drag & Drop Page Editor!

The InstantPro Page Editor allow users to easily create pages with text, images, media and design spacers. All you have to do to get started on your page design is start dragging elements into your page to position and re-size them however you like. Text wraps around images and media elements with none of the usual fuss, helping you make the perfect web page.

You can start from scratch to create your own custom layout or make use of one of our existing templates to make things even simpler. There's even advanced options to allow you to edit source code and use plug-ins to really get the most out of your pages.

Create special pages and features, using the Page Wizards!

Of course you're not limited to using only the text editor! Pages in the builder can be created using the simple, streamlined page wizards, too! Want to create a contact form? Using the wizard, it takes only seconds - give the contact page a name, type in your contact e-mail address, and click finish! Building a website doesn't need to be hard work and certainly doesn't need to cost hundreds of pounds.

Pick 'n' Mix for even more impressive pages!

You can easily combine page types to create whole new pages! You can add multiple standard pages together to create different layouts, or add a guestbook and gallery together to get instant feedback on your photos! Mix and match page types to create your unique, personal website today, with InstantPro Website Builder.

Standard Page

The main page type within InstantPro is the Standard Page. This page type is extremely versatile and allows you to quickly and easily create a webpage with a variety of content. Using the drag & drop Page Editor, add text, images, video and other media and style the elements of your page intuitively with just a few clicks!

Online Photo Galleries

With InstantPro, you can create online photo galleries and image slideshows with just a few clicks! Simply drag-and-drop your images on to the image loader, add captions or titles for the images, and your gallery is live and ready!

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Online Shop

Thats right, you can even set up a fully functioning online shop in InstantPro. You can add an unlimited amount of products and pages to your shop, set prices & custom delivery tariffs and set up dedicated 'new' and 'offers' pages. We wont charge you any sellers fees for using the shop and it's all included with InstantPro.

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Create a fully-functional blog (web log) in minutes with our website builder. Just write your blog posts and press submit! Complete with full administrator controls and a visitor commenting system.

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Guest Books

Guest books allow people to leave public comments or feedback on your website! You can easily choose whether or not to moderate comments before they're displayed on your website. There's no limit on how many comments you can receive.

Links Pages

Link to your favourite places on the internet with your own dedicated links page! Exchange links with other websites or just link to places of interest. Just add the name of the link, the address, some additional text and you're done! Everything in InstantPro is unlimited - including links - so you can add as many links as you like.

Customisable Form Pages

Make a custom form in seconds! Simply add the e-mail address that the form will use, and that's it! Forms allow visitors to get in touch with you via e-mail without having to give away your address. A customisable form on your website is especially handy for online bookings, reservations, taking product orders and much more!

Event Schedules

The event schedule enables you to publish listings of forthcoming events, classes, sessions, matches, meetings or other kinds of timetable to your website. You can use it to list single events, or to build-up a comprehensive array of repeating events.

Availability Calendars

Our availability calendar feature makes short work of managing availability of services and premises for hire and rental (holiday homes, clubs, courses - the list is endless). You'll be able to assign tariffs and details for certain days of the week, and then add events and availability.

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