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Setting up Freeola Voice on a Yealink W60B DECT Base Unit

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Welcome to the Freeola Customer Support Guides Pages. This guide is intended to give an overview of using the Freeola Voice service through a Yealink W60B DECT telephone. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Before starting, please ensure you have made a note of, or have access to, your Freeola Voice Account information. This can be obtained from the Freeola Voice section of the managing MyFreeola Control Panel.

To allow you to access the administrative software of your phone, you will first need to know the device IP address. If you already know this information, you can skip to the start of this guide.

If you do not know this information, the IP address can easily be found from one of your telephone handsets:

  • Press the OK button on phone handset.

  • Press Status icon.

  • Select Base from the menu then press OK.

  • The IP details will then be displayed. This will be in the format of a series of 7 to 12 numbers, separated by dots.

Note down this IP address before following the below steps.

Adding Freeola Voice to a W60B DECT Base Manually
  1. In the address bar of your web browser enter the IP address of the base unit.
    If you are unsure of where the address bar is on your software, the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+L is widely used to highlight this field.

  2. You will now be prompted to log into your hardware. By default, the Username and Password are both admin. Click Login once entered.
    Yealink W60B Login

  3. From the top menu, select Account then Register from the left-hand side.
    Yealink W60B Top and Side Menu

  4. The main content of the page will now offer you several options, anything not mentioned below should be left on their default setting.


    • Line Active - Enabled.

    • Label - Enter something to help you identify the line. We would strongly recommend your Line Number.

    • Display Name - As above, we would strongly recommend entering your Line Number.

    • Register Name - This is the Username/SIP Account No. listed within MyFreeola.

    • Username - The same as the previous field, enter the Username/SIP Account No. listed within MyFreeola.

    • Password - The password for your service, as listed within your MyFreeola Control Panel.

    SIP Server 1

    • Server Host - This should be entered as

    • Port - 5060.

    • Transport - Select UDP from the drop-down menu.

    • Server Expires - 600.

    • Server Retry Counts - 3.

    SIP Server 2

    • These fields can be left blank/default as they are not required for Freeola Voice services.

    Outbound Proxy Server

    • Enabled Outbound Proxy Server - Enabled.

    • Outbound Proxy Server 1 -

    • Port - 5060.

    • Proxy Fallback Interval - 600.

    • NAT - Disabled.

    Freeola Voice Account Settings
  5. Once entered, click Confirm, the page should then refresh. If all settings entered correctly, the Register Status field should say Registering then switch to Registered after a few seconds.
    Yealink Register Status Field

  6. Once this field shows as Registered, you can close your browser and you should now be able to make and receive calls using your Freeola Voice service.

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