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Moving Wordpress from a VIP to an SSD Hosting Service

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Welcome to the Freeola Customer Help & Support Centre. This guide is designed to explain the process of migrating a Wordpress-built website from our VIP Hosting service to our cPanel based SSD Hosting.

If you were looking for more Freeola Help Guides, or information on our other services, please visit the main Freeola Support Page.

In order to move your site in this manner you will be required to have both an active VIP WP or VIP SQL service and an SSD WP or SSD Pro, with Wordpress installed on both.

This guide assumes you have a version of Wordpress installed on your SSD Hosting subscription either automatically through the SSD WP package, or the Softaculous Apps Installer offered with SSD Pro.

  1. To start, you will need to take a note of the FTP details of your VIP Hosting webspace, these can easily be found within your MyFreeola Control Panel.

    Once logged in, select Websites & Hosting then VIP Web Hosting from the left-hand navigation menu. On the following page, find your hosting subscription then click Go To Settings.
    MyFreeola VIP Hosting Menu
    From the page that appears, note down the FTP Server Address, FTP Server User Name, FTP Password and the Primary Domain Name/Website Address.
    FTP Settings for VIP Hosting

  2. Now log into cPanel either via your MyFreeola Control Panel by selecting Websites & Hosting, SSD Hosting then Quick Login or by visiting the login page directly - (where is replaced by your SSD Hosting address).
    SSD Hosting Quick Login Option

  3. From within the cPanel menu select Import Wordpress from the Frequently Used section (by default, found at the top of the page).
    cPanel Wordpress Import
    Alternatively, you can also access the import option by scrolling down to the Softaculous Apps Installer section, clicking the Wordpress Icon then Import.

    You should now see a page titled Import Software - Wordpress, please select the From Remote Server tab.

  4. Now, with the information gathered in Step 1, fill in the fields on the new page:

    Domain Name - The domain name or web address connected to your VIP Hosting service.
    Server Host - The VIP Server your Wordpress site is hosted upon, will be in the format of This field is NOT optional for VIP to SSD transfers.
    Protocol - Select FTP.
    Port - Enter 21, if it is not entered by default.
    FTP Username - The Username for your VIP Webspace, for example vip1234567.
    FTP Password - The password for your VIP Webspace - this is case-sensitive.
    FTP Path - This should be set to /htdocs.
    Installation Directory (Optional) - If your Wordpress site is installed within a sub-folder (it will not be by default) then enter the folder.

    Unless you specifically require your Wordpress site to be installed to a sub-directory, or would like to change the name of your Wordpress database, then the entire Destination and Advanced Options sections can be left as default.

    Now click Import.
    Importing Wordpress via FTP

  5. The software will now run through the import process - which may take up to 5 minutes for very large sites.

    Once completed the Softaculous installer will provide a success message (seen below) and confirmation of the new Website Address and Admin URL for your Wordpress installation.
    Wordpress Import Complete!

  6. You can now use the on-screen options to Return to Wordpress Management or Overview, or simply visit one of the provided URLs to vew/edit your site in its new hosting location.

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