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By Freeola Support on 18th December, 2017 | 1 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with publishing your web site using Web Plus SE. For more Internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.


As with many web site publishing software, Web Plus SE can be used to upload files via FTP. Freeola's hosting services are FTP based, therefore this functionality is what we will need to use. FTP with Web Plus SE is fairly simple and straight-forward to do.


  1. Select the Publish To Web icon from the Web Plus toolbar. From this window, select the Accounts button.


  2. On this page you will be asked to fill in your Freeola FTP details. If you are not sure what these are, then you will need to access your MyFreeola account. Once logged in to your account, navigate to the My Websites page, from here you can find the FTP settings for all of the web sites inside of your account.

  3. Once you know your details, you can fill in the options on the Account Details page with the following options:

    Account name: This is your reference to the web site in question, this can be whatever phrase or word that you wish.
    FTP address: This is the address for the web server that your web site is hosted on, for example this will be in the form of either or
    Port Number: This field can be left as is, if empty please ensure 21 is entered.
    Folder: This is the folder in your web space where all of your web files need to go, for all Freeola hosting services this needs to be htdocs.
    Username: This will be referred as the FTP Username in your MyFreeola account. For standard hosting servers this will begin with sr, for VIP Hosting it will begin with vip.
    Password: This will be referred to as the FTP Password in your MyFreeola account. By default, this password will look fairly random and will consist of 8 characters.
    Passive mode: This option should be enabled.
    Website URL: This should be the location of your web site on the Internet, or at least where you would like your web site to appear. This should be the full address including http:// prefix.

    Once this page has been complete, press the OK button to continue.

  4. You can then test your settings by using the Test option if you wish. If you encounter any issues logging in, then please ensure that you are using the correct FTP information. If you are using the Free Hosting service please ensure you are connected on a Freeola Internet connection. For any other issues, you may consider calling our Support Team on the number mentioned at the end of this tutorial. Once happy, press the Upload button. You may then need to press the OK button at the previous page.

    Webplus Upload

  5. You can now close any of the smaller windows that have opened and you should notice that towards the bottom of the screen a progress bar that shows the files being uploaded to your web space. After a few minutes this should complete, after which you can upload a newer version if you've made any adjustments or close the program to complete the process.

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theplacebythelake commented on 4th November, 2012:
Excellent article. Clear, concise and extremely useful !! Thanks

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