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Web Space Error Codes

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Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with the common problems that users experience when using their Freeola web space. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Guides Page.

Web site error messages... what are they?

From time to time when visiting a web site hosted by Freeola you may come across error messages, these error messages are given to you so that you can try and figure out what is wrong with your web site.

This guide will take you through each Web Site error message, explain all of the possible causes for this error message which should hopefully result in you being able to get your web site back up an running!

Remember, if you cant work out what is causing the error message then our helpful support team are happy to help.

The 403 error message

The most commonly encountered error message is the 403 error message.

Causes of this message:

  • A file named index has not been uploaded.

  • index file is not in htdocs folder or the folder you are trying to view.

  • Default folder (htdocs or public_html) has been removed or renamed.

  • index file is using uppercase characters.

  • index file name does not have following extensions - .html, .htm, .shtml, .php.

  • File permissions of index file or parent folder do not allow Read access. You can change this setting using some FTP clients, for example FileZilla, or your cPanel File Manager.

  • A billing issue for the service. If this is the case you should have received an e-mail and a letter regarding the issue. To ensure this is not the issue, we would suggest you check for an alert in your MyFreeola account or contact the Support Team.

  • The web server is encountering difficulties, check the Network Status page for more information.

403 Error Message

The 404 error message

The 404 error message, which doesn't differ too greatly from 403.

Causes of this message:

  • The link to this web page is spelt incorrectly.

  • The link to the page contains a mixture of different case characters to the server, or vice versa.

  • The web page no longer exists in your web folder.

  • If you have arrived from a search engine, their link may be out-of-date.

404 Web Page

The 500 error message

This error messages apply to web pages that have been built using scripts such as PHP - normal web pages should not encounter this message.

Causes of this message:

  • This error message is usually down to the permissions of your script. Most PHP scripts will require numerical permissions of at least 755.

  • Your script is trying to access resources on the server that are not available. Please check our PHP Configuration page to see what services are enabled on the server.

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