Upload Guide for Publisher 2003 and 2007
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Upload Guide for Publisher 2003 and 2007

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Upload Guide for Publisher 2003 and 2007

By Freeola Support on 22nd August, 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with uploading a website via FTP using Microsoft Publisher 2003. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.


Before you start with the FTP upload please ensure at this point that you have your Freeola internet connection currently connected or your domain name is signed up for our VIP Hosting service. For further information on uploading via FTP please read our Basic Guide to FTP and Web Space.


  1. Open Microsoft Publisher, and open the website that you wish to publish.

  2. Select File from the menu and then click onto Publish to the Web.

  3. If you have not been to this menu previously you will receive a advisory notice about selecting a web publisher, Cick OK to close this dialogue and enter the Publish to Web dialogue box. Within this dialogue box there will be a selection box headed Save in, select the option Add/Modify FTP locations.

  4. A new dialogue box will appear asking for the following options to be entered:

    Name of FTP site: The FTP Server address differs depending on which hosting service you receive from Freeola. If you are using a Freeola Internet connection the server address will be in the form of freeolawebX.freeola.net where the 'X' is the last digit of your FTP server username. If you are subscribed to our VIP Hosting service, the server name will be in the form of vipX.freeola.net. This can be found in the My Websites section of your MyFreeola account.

    Log on as: This is the same as your web space sr-number (vip-number for VIP customers). This can also be found in the My Websites section of MyFreeola.

    Password: This is the password connected to the FTP username entered above.

  5. Next select the Add button and then select OK. Selecting this should return you to the Publish to Web dialogue box with the FTP location you have just added selected. With this new location selected click the Open button.

  6. Publisher should now connect to your webspace and show you two folders, cgi-shl and htdocs, select the htdocs folder to enter that folder and then select Save.

  7. Publisher will now start generating and uploading your pages to your webspace folder, once this has completed (this may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed to the internet and the size of your webspace) your website should be visible by visiting your website address.

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