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By Freeola Support on 18th December, 2017 | 0 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with uploading a website via FTP using Microsoft Frontpage. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.


Before you start with the FTP upload please ensure at this point that you have your Freeola internet connection currently connected or your domain name is signed up for our VIP Hosting service. For further information on uploading via FTP please read our Basic Guide to FTP and Web Space.


  1. Firstly, locate the files on your computer that you wish to upload. From the File Menu within Frontpage, select Open and choose the web site from the file list.

  2. Select the Publish command from the File Menu.

  3. In the publish web box under specify the location to publish your web to, you will need to enter your FTP upload address, 'http://' is shown by default. You should replace this with the format - ftp://www.yourdomainname/htdocs. So, if your domain name is for example, the upload address will be ''.

    If you are using a Freeola500 address such as [email protected], your upload address will be ''. Now click the Publish button.

    Please note: your web site will not be viewable on the web if the files are not uploaded into the htdocs directory.

  4. Next, your Freeola User Name and Password will be requested. The Username is the same as your web space sr-number (vip-number for VIP customers), the Password is the password connected to this FTP username. This information can be found within the My Websites section of MyFreeola. Click OK to continue.

  5. If the information has been entered correctly your files will now begin to transfer. Once these have completed this window should automatically close.

  6. To view the web page(s) you have uploaded simply open your web browser and enter your web site address in the address bar.

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