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FireFTP (FireFox Add-on)

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Please Note

FireFTP is no longer available to download, or use, with the Firefox browser.

As support and development for this plugin has been withdrawn we no longer recommend using this to upload your files to your Freeola Hosting Service.

However, this guide will remain available for reference purposes.

If you are looking to upload your website files we would recommend the Filezilla FTP Client, a secure, supported, software designed specifically for uploading your files via FTP.

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with publishing your web site using FireFTP for Firefox. For more Internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers to date, boasting a huge 25% (roughly, and this is likely to change) of the current browser market share. FTP access is generally considered separate from viewing the web, however for those that like to keep everything in one package, Firefox's extensions can prove handy.

The extension in question is called FireFTP. This small add-on is completely free and can be found and downloaded from the Mozilla web site. The look, feel and usage of this extension resembles the majority of dedicated FTP software such as FileZilla, the set up process is also fairly similar.

  1. First of all we will need to install the extension, to do so you can visit the developers web site, which can be accessed by clicking here. Once you are on the page, you need to click the Download link.

    We should then be given a security message by Firefox giving you the ability to install additional software, all files will be stopped from installing by default, otherwise any site could install software.
    FireFox Install
    Only if you are certain that your message states exactly what the example message states, and that you are certain that you are on the right site then press the Allow button. You will be asked to confirm the installation of the software, follow the on screen prompts, after which you will be asked to restart Firefox.

  2. FireFTP should now be installed in Firefox. To open FireFTP you will need to go to your Tools menu and select FireFTP, this will then open up a tab within Firefox.

    Select the Create an account button from the very top left hand corner, this should open up a window called Account Manager. At this page you will be asked for your FTP details for your web site, these can be found by logging into your MyFreeola account and selecting the My Websites link.

  3. Once you have these details you can fill this page in as follows:

    Account name: This is your reference to the web site in question, this can be whatever phrase or word that you wish.
    Host: This is the address for the web server that your web site is hosted on. This will be either a Freeola servername, or a sub-domain of your own website.
    Login: This will be referred as the FTP Username in your MyFreeola account. This will begin with cp, vip or sr.
    Password: This will be referred to as the FTP Password in your MyFreeola account. By default this password will look fairly random and will consist of 8 characters.

    Passive Mode: This will need to be enabled/ticked.

    Any other settings on the set up pages are not required, but can be set up if you wish. Once you have provided the stated information press the OK button.

  4. Now you will need to select the account from the drop down list, found in the top left hand corner. Once you have done so, press the Connect button. If successful you should see your web folder and files listed on the right hand side menu.
    As you will see, the left hand side of the page will allow you to browse the files that are on your computer, where the files on the right hand will show you the files in your web folder. First of all, using the right hand side of the screen, you will need to open up the htdocs or public_html folder, as this is where your web files need to go.

    Using the left hand side of the screen, you will need to locate the files that make up your web site, once you have found them you can click the right facing arrow towards the left of the page. Your files will now be uploaded to the web server, you will need to wait for this process to complete.

  5. Once this has completed your files will have been uploaded and your web site should now appear, given that your web site has been created correctly and the initial page is called 'index.html, index.htm' etc. You can now select the Disconnect button from the top of the screen and close the window or tab.

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