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Installing ExpressionEngine with Freeola

By Freeola Support on 20th December, 2017 | 0 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to give some general information about installing ExpressionEngine using a Freeola MySQL Database. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.


In order to install and use ExpressionEngine, or any other blogging software, you will be required to have purchased and have access to a Freeola SQL service. This service costs as little as £2 per month for VIP Hosting customers. MySQL is a database utility that is primarily used for dynamic websites. A database of this sort is required to store your content for the installation and running of ExpressionEngine.


  1. Use a Web browser to connect to the ExpressionEngine Download page and follow instructions there to file to your computer. Once downloaded 'unzip' these files into a suitable folder on your computer.

  2. Before you install ExpressionEngine it is best to know 4 pieces of information relating to your SQL database:

    Please Note: This information assumes that you are using FreedomSQL. If you are using VIP SQL please refer to the section further down the page.

    - Database Server which will be
    - Database Name will be the same number that you used for the MySQL User Name.
    - Username will be the number in the form sr0XXXXXX to which your MySQL has been assigned.
    - Password will be the corresponding password to the account.

    Note for VIP SQL Customers:


    Due to the nature of the VIP SQL product some of the information entered will be different from that listed above. Please find below the necessary changes:

    Database Server which will be localhost.
    Database Name will be the same number that you used for the MySQL User Name.
    Username will be the name you have given to the relevant database.
    Password will be the password you have given to the relevant database.

    If you do not have a note of this information you are able to view all of these settings from within the VIP Web Hosting link within your MyFreeola account.


  3. Using an FTP program such as Filezilla or CuteFTP upload the ExpressionEngine files to the htdocs folder on your Freeola hosted domain. If you are unsure on how to complete this we provide a helpful guide on this matter, found by clicking here.

  4. NOTE: Do not upload the system/update.php file or system/updates/ directory as they are only used for people performing an update from a previous version of the software.

  5. For the next part of the installation you will need to edit the permissions of certain files and folder that you have just uploaded. Most, if not all, FTP Clients will allow you to edit the permissions of any given file. Filezilla is a good free example of such a program.

    The following files need their permissions set to 666:

    - path.php
    - system/config.php
    - system/config_bak.php

    You must set the following directories to 777:

    - images/avatars/uploads/
    - images/captchas/
    - images/member_photos/
    - images/pm_attachments/
    - images/signature_attachments/
    - images/uploads/
    - system/cache/

  6. As an optional step, ExpressionEngine allows you to download and choose a different theme for your blog. To do this:

    - Visit the Template Library.

    - Choose the Themes you want.

    - Use the Download link to download a ZIP file containing the theme.

    - Unzip the theme on your local computer.

    - Upload the unzipped theme folder to your server and place it inside thethemes/site_themes/ folder.

    For instance, if you decided to download the Logical Blocks theme then you would end up with a themes/site_themes/logical_blocks/ directory on your server. Due to the inherent flexibility in how ExpressionEngine and its Templates work, ExpressionEngine does not offer "one-click theme switching" for your site after installation.

  7. In order to start the installation you will need to point your browser to the ExpressionEngine Installation Wizard, located in your main ExpressionEngine root:

    - install.php

    Important: Make sure you are accessing the file as you would a regular webpage, using an address similar to

  8. Once accessed you will need to select the button that reads Click here to begin to start the process. On the next page read the Terms & Conditions, Agree, and the Submit to continue. If you renamed the security folder previously please confirm the new name on this page before clicking Submit.

  9. The final page will ask for details regarding the Server, Database and Administrator information. All the Server Information should be left as default, the Webmaster e-mail field should be completed with your active e-mail address. The SQL Settings will require the information you noted down in point 2. Ignore the encryption settings fields, these should be left as they are. Once you have created the admin account (which will allow you to administor and create your blog) click the Click here to install expressionengine button to finalise the installation.

  10. Providing all information has been entered correctly on the previous page you should now be seeing a success message.

    Important: Using your FTP program, please delete the file called install.php from the htdocs folder. Leaving it on the web server presents a security risk.

  11. In order to administor and create your blogging site you now need to access where is your domain or web address with Freeola.

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