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Installing ExpressionEngine with Freeola

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Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to give some general information about installing ExpressionEngine using Freeola Hosting. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Installing ExpressionEngine using SSD Hosting
  1. The Softaculous Installer within cPanel offers the quick and easy installation of ExpressionEngine. To access this installer, firstly log into your cPanel by visiting the Websites & Hosting section of your MyFreeola Control Panel then clicking SSD Hosting then Quick Login.
    SSD Hosting in MyFreeola

  2. Once logged in, scroll down to the Softaculous Apps Installer section and select Portals/CMS.
    cPanel Softaculous Window

  3. From the window that opens (you can expand to full-screen using the arrows if required) find ExpressionEngine in the list (or use the Search field on the left-hand menu) and click Install.
    cPanel ExpressionEngine Install

  4. The following page will offer the ExpressionEngine installation options. If you are happy with default settings (suitable for nearly all users) click theĀ Quick Install button then Install at the bottom of the page.
    ExpressionEngine Login Details

    Your admin Username and Password are listed on this page, please note these down as they will be required for the final stage.
  5. It may take a few moments for the software to install in your specified location. Once this has completed, you can finish the installation process by visiting your website (or the sub-folder you installed the software to) with /admin.php at the end of the URL.
    ExpressionEngine Installation Complete

  6. Once logged in, you can now start using your new software.

Installing ExpressionEngine using VIP SQL Hosting

Please Note

This guide was written using ExpressionEngine 5.2.3 as a reference. Other versions of the software will use almost the same instructions, but there may be some slight wording or graphical changes.

  1. Before you install ExpressionEngine it is best to know 4 pieces of information relating to your SQL database:

    - Database Server which will be localhost.
    - DatabaseName will be the name you assigned the database when creating this.
    - Username will also be the name you assigned the database.
    - Password will be the corresponding password to the account.

    Create New Database in MyFreeola

  2. Download the latest release of ExpressionEngine and unzip the files to a folder on your computer, somewhere easily accessible like your Desktop. Then use your FTP client (Freeola would recommend using Filezilla) to upload the files to your site htdocs folder.

  3. For the next part of the installation you will need to edit the permissions of the files and folders that you have just uploaded.

    Most, if not all, FTP Clients will provide an easy way to make this change, and can usually be done by simply 'right-clicking' the file/folder, selecting Permissions, then entering the required number.

    Using this method, set all files to 666 and all directories/folders to 777.

  4. To run the Installation Wizard you will need to visit to the URL of the admin.php file you uploaded. So, for example, if your website address was, you would visit

    Follow the on-screen instructions to install ExpressionEngine, making sure to select Install Default Theme, if you do not want your domain name to appear blank while you are designing your content.

    ExpressionEngine Installation Wizard

  5. Once the installation process is completed, you will be presented with the login page for the software. Once logged in, you can start designing your website content.

    Any time you wish to make changes to your site in future, you can now use the 'admin.php' link to access this login page.

Post-Installation Best Practices
  1. Once the Installation Wizard is finished, you should rename or remove the system/ee/installer/ directory from your server as this will help prevent any accidental re-installations or unauthorised access to your site.

    You can easily rename or remove folders using your FTP Client.

  2. The developers of ExpressionEngine also provide a list of their Suggested Best Practices, however many of these are fairly advanced so you may not wish to make all of these changes at once.

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