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By Freeola Support on 4th May, 2021 | 2 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with uploading your website via FTP using CuteFTP for any Freeola hosted website. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Please Note

This guide was written using CuteFTP v9 as a reference. While the process to upload files using other versions will be much the same, there may be some small wording or graphical differences.

  1. The easiest way of uploading files via FTP using CuteFTP is by utilising the Site Manager. On the main menu within the software, click File then New, then select FTP.

    Alternatively, you can add a site from the New Site icon located on the toolbar.

  2. A new window should now open. On the General tab you will need to specify the connection information:

    Label - Provide a descriptive name for the Site to help you identify this amongst other sites you may add/have already added to the Site Manager. We would recommend using your website address or domain name.
    Host address - This is the address for the web server that your web site is hosted on, for example this will be in the form of
    Username - This will be referred as the FTP Username in your MyFreeola account. This will begin with vip.
    Password - The unique password associated with your VIP Username.
    Comments - An optional field that can be used to leave yourself (or future users) notes about this webspace.
    Login method - Select Normal.

  3. On the Actions tab you can specify what actions CuteFTP should take with it connects to the server.:

    When client connects, switch to this remote folder - This should be set to /htdocs.
    When client connects, switch to this local folder - Type or browse to the folder on your computer where you have saved your website files, and CuteFTP will automatically open the folder in the Local Pane when you connecting via FTP.

    All other options should be left as default.

  4. On the Type tab you will specify other connection options:

    Protocol type - This should be set to FTP, FTP withTLS/SSL Explicit or FTP with SSL Explicit.
    Port - The default port number appears when you specify the protocol type (e.g., FTP = 21).

    All other settings should be left as default.

  5. On the Options tab, specify Use Global Settings.

  6. Now click Connect to connect to your FTP space now, or OK to save the Site settings and connect later.

Uploading Your Files via FTP

  1. On the main menu, click Tools then Site Manager then Display Site Manager.

    Alternatively you can click the Site Manager tab.

  2. Click the Site you wish to connect to. If following this guide, this should be named to the contents of the Label field entered earlier.

  3. To now connect, File, Connect then Connect

    Alternatively, on the toolbar, click the Connect icon or Double-click the selected Site.

  4. In the Local pane that now appears, locate the files or folders that you want to upload and 'drag and drop' these into Remote pane or Queue pane.

    The items are then copied (not moved) to the remote server or to the Queue pane for later uploading.

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ashu1020 commented on 20th November, 2012

Dear sir,
I fill all the details, but I got some error that
ERROR:> [11/20/2012 11:12:38 AM] Not logged in.
ERROR:> [11/20/2012 11:12:38 AM] Can't login. Disconnecting...
why so ?
Please help me.
Kind regards, ashutosh

Butch [staff] commented on 21st November, 2012

Hi ashutosh,

The error message you have provided suggests that the information you are entering within the program is incorrect, I would advise double-checking this, ensuring to check you are entering the information in the correct case.

If you require further assistance, I would advise contacting Freeola Support on 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at

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