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How to Verify with Google Search Console

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If you're interested in improving your sites appearance on Google Search results you could consider signing up for Search Console.

It's free, there are no upgrades or paid services, and you'll get alerts when Google sees unusual activity on your site, such as crawling problems or indications of hacking.

Verifying your Freeola domain name for use with this service is quick and easy and can be done simply from within your MyFreeola Control Panel.

If you already have your verification code and would like to skip to instructions on adding this to your Freeola domain name, click here.

Obtaining the verification code

To link your domain name to the Google Search Console service you will first need to visit the Search Console Homepage (you will need to be logged into your Google account to continue).

From the window that is presented, enter your Freeola domain name into the Domain field then click Continue.

Google Site Verification

Google will now check your domain name for previously completed verification and will then provide a code should this not be present.

To obtain this code ensure that Record Type is set to TXT. This is the default choice, and recommended.

In Section 3 click COPY to store this TXT code in your clipboard.

Google Search Console

Adding the TXT Record to your Freeola Domain

Once you have the required details you will need to login to your MyFreeola account and select DNS Records (A/MX/SPF/TXT) then DNS Settings from the left hand navigation menu.

MyFreeola DNS Settings

If you then tick the box beside your domain name and press Change DNS you will be given three options, from these you will need to select Create/Modify Custom DNS Records (Advanced) and press Next.

Please note, if your DNS are pointing to another provider you will not be able to add this record through MyFreeola. You will need to contact your site host to add your TXT Record.

After reading and agreeing to the warning page, you will be taken to a page where you can add your TXT Record.

Simply select the required record type, TXT - Associate Additional Information (TXT), from the drop-down menu before clicking Add. This will update the page with two new fields, Subdomain and Value.

MyFreeola TXT Record

As Google require no specific subdomain, the Subdomain field can be left blank. Paste the TXT Record copied earlier into the Value field. Click Save once added.

MyFreeola TXT Record

To Finish

Finally, return to the Google Search Console and click Verify.

As it can take up to 24 hours for your TXT Record to be added to the domain name, if this verification fails we would advise simply waiting for an hour or two before trying again.

Once verified, you will be taken to the Google Search Console from which you can make use of the tools Google have provided.

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