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Adding a Schedule Section

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The RQS builder helps you to easily design web pages with the addition of Page Sections. These Page Sections can be added almost anywhere on your website giving you the opportunity to make something really unique.

This guide will outline how to add, edit, and make use of one of these Page Sections, Schedule.

A Schedule page enables you to publish a list of forthcoming events, classes, sessions, matches or meetings. It can easily be used to list single events, or to build up a comprehensive array of repeating events.

The following guide assumes you are adding a new Section to an existing page. If you are creating a new page and using a Schedule Section as a starting point, the following process is exactly the same.

Adding a Schedule Section

To add a new Page Section to your page Right-Click any area within your content to open the RQS Menu, then select Insert Page Section. From the secondary menu that opens, choose where you would like the section to initially appear. You can either Insert Section Above or Insert Section Below the selected location.

This placement isn't final, you can still move your Page Section once created.

RQS Right Click Menu

RQS Insert Section

Once you have chosen your initial placement the Add Page Section window will open allowing you to select a Section Type. For this guide, we are selecting Schedule. Click Add Page Section to continue.

RQS Adding Schedule Section

Once you have added your section the Manage Schedule Events window will open, allowing you to start adding your Events.

RQS Manage Schedule

Adding an Event

To add an Event to your Schedule click the Create A New Event button, this will open the Add Schedule Event window.

If you wish to add an Event from the RQS Builder simply right-click within the Schedule Section and select Add Event.

RQS Add Event

This window provides three tabs, each with its own fields:

Event Information

Event Name - The name you wish to give your event. Typically this should be a short headline to allow your visitors to easily identify the event.

Event Description - This field allows you to go into some detail of the event, such as location, dress code, or any other special notices that may be required.

Set Custom Colours for this Event - By default your Site Colour Scheme will be used for this Event. Should you wish to set a custom background and text colour, tick this checkbox.

RQS Schedule Event Information

Event Dates

The next tab allows you to set a date for your new Event, to add this click Add Event Date and the Edit Event Date window will open.

Occurring - The frequency of the Event, the drop-down menu provides the option for OnceDailyWeeklyFortnightly and Monthly.

On/Starting - This field allows you to set the date of your Event, click this field to open a Calendar and pick your date.

Add End Date - If you have selected DailyWeeklyFortnightly or Monthly within the Occurring field you will be provided a further option to set an End Date. Tick this box to enable the End Field to select when the scheduled Events will end.

Start Time - The time the Event will start. This field uses a 24-hour clock.

Duration - These fields will allow you to set the length of the Event in either Minutes, Hours or Days.

RQS Schedule Event Date

Click Finish to save these details and return to the Event Dates tab, this tab will now confirm the date details you provided. If you wish to change these click the Edit/Paintbrush Icon to delete this date click the Delete/Trash Can icon.

Footnotes / Cancellations

The third and final tab provides three options for each Event Occurrence:

Edit / Pencil Icon - This icon allows you to add a Footnote to an Occurrence of your Event. This small line of text will appear under this Occurrence within the Schedule.

Cancel - Ticking this option will inform your visitors that a specific Occurrence of this Event is no longer going ahead. The Event will still appear within the Schedule but the Event Name will display the prefix 'Cancelled'.

Hide - Enabling this option will remove the Event Occurrence from the Schedule but still appear within the Edit Schedule Event window, giving you the option of modifying should you so wish.

RQS Schedule Event Footnotes

Once you are satisfied with your Event Details and Dates click Finish to save and return to the Manage Schedule Events window. You can edit the details of your Event by clicking the Dates/Calendar or Settings/Cog Icon. To remove an Event click the Delete/Trash Can Icon - you will be asked to confirm this action in a separate window.

If you wish to add more Events you can do so by clicking Create A New Event and following the steps above, or click Finish to return to the RQS builder.

RQS Manage Scheduled Events

The below image shows an example of all of the above features.

RQS Event Schedule

Changing the Schedule Settings

If you would like to change how your upcoming Events are displayed within your Schedule then Right-Click within the Schedule area, then Schedule Settings. The Schedule Settings window will now open giving four options:

Group By - This option allows you to set how your Events will be grouped. The drop-down will allow you to group by Week or Month.

Number of Weeks/Months to show - How far in advance you would like your Schedule to display events. You can use the slider or text box to select between 1 and 12 Weeks or Months.

Columns - How many columns to use to display your Events. Select between 1 and 3 columns.

Set Custom Colours for Month/Week Frame - By default your Site Colour Scheme will be used for this frame. Should you wish to set a custom background and text colour, tick this checkbox.

Once you have made your changes click Finish to save.

RQS Schedule Settings

Changing or Adding an Introduction to your Schedule

The Schedule Section includes a small section intended for a short introduction to the Events listed. You may find this useful for providing your visitors a brief outline of the Events or your intended Schedule going forward.

To edit this section, Right-Click anywhere within the Schedule area then select Edit Intro Content. RQS Right Click Menu

The introduction can be edited in the same way as any other Content Section of the site. A full in-depth guide on adding information to this section type can be seen on our Content Section guide.

However, if you wish to simply edit the default text you can do so easily by Right-Clicking the area and selecting Edit Text Area. If you wish to remove the Introduction completely select Delete Text Area from the Right-Click Menu.

In the example below, we have centre aligned the text and updated the content to explain the example Events we have used within this guide.

RQS Schedule Introduction

Changing the Section Styling

By default, the Schedule Section will use your Site Colour Scheme. However, should you wish to customise this section of your site to make it stand out from the rest, you can do so from the RQS Right-Click Menu. To open this menu, right-click anywhere within the Schedule Section and choose Section Styling from the menu.

RQS Styling

The Section Styling window will allow you to alter several aspects of the Colour Scheme and provide you with a Live preview of your changes before you save these.

Backgrounds: If you would like your custom background to cover the entire width of your site tick the Custom Full Width Background, if you would like your custom background to only cover the Schedule Section of the page, tick Custom Content Width Background.

These options are not mutually exclusive; the RQS Builder allows you to use both options simultaneously, individually, or not at all.

Once you have decided where your custom background will display, click the large rectangle underneath your selection. This will open the Edit Background window.

RQS Edit Background

This window will offer two tabs: Customise will allow you to create a new background using either a solid colour or image and Existing Backgrounds will allow you to choose from a previously created background.

The drop-down menu on the Customise tab provides several options:

Colour Only - This option allows a solid colour background. By default this will be a transparent colour, but you can change this easily by clicking the small colour square.

Image - These options will allow you to use an image as your section or site background. To select your image select Image, this will open your Media Library. You can either select your desired image from this selection, select a Stock Image or use Upload Media to add a new image. You can also change your background colour should your image selection not fill all available space.

Resize to fill area - This option will resize your image to fill your background space completely. This option is not recommended for very small images.

Fixed position sticky image - This option will expand your image to cover the background, but this will remain static when scrolling through the page content.

Centred at original size - This option will set your image central to the content. If the image is too small to cover the entire area, some tiling (or repeating) of the image will occur.

Tile over entire area - This option will repeat your image over the entire background area. This option is recommended for smaller, simple, images.

Custom - If you wish to further customise how your background image displays, this option allows you to do so. Recommended for Advanced Users only.

Once you have made your decision, click Finish to save.

Text Colours: If you would like to use a different colour font in your Schedule Section from the rest of your site tick the Custom Text Colours box on this window.

This option will allow you to set a custom Text, Link and Link Hover colour. Simply select the colour block next to each option to open the colour picker.

RQS Schedule Styling

Other: This short section allows customisation of the Breakpoint (The point at which your content begins optimising on smaller screens) and Padding (The size of the space between the content) of this Site Section.

Unless you have a specific reason to do so, it is recommended to leave both of these settings as Off.

Existing Designs: If you have designed content styling already within RQS you can easily select it from this tab.

Once you have decided on your changes, click Finish to save and close the window. You will now be returned to the editor with your changes in place.

RQS Schedule Section

Changing the location of your Schedule

If you would like to change where your Schedule appears on your webpage Right-Click and select Move Page Section from the RQS Menu. This will open a secondary menu that will allow you to move the Section Up, or Down the page.

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