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Adding a Live Chat feature to RQS

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While using the RQS Builder (or browsing or pages) you may have noticed, or even used, a small icon in the bottom corner to access Freeola Support's Live Chat.

This is provided using a service offered by and can be used on any website, including ones built using our easy website builder, RQS!

This guide will only provide a brief outline of how to sign up for this third-party service and was correct at time of writing. For in-depth assistance in using please visit their Help Centre.

Signing up to

Before obtaining the required code for the Chat Widget you will need to register with This can be done by clicking the Add free live chat to your site on any window (such as found at the bottom of and the RQS Builder) or by visiting directly.

After registering your account you will be taken through a few simple screens to set up your Live Chat system.

Language Signup

This will be the language used in both your dashboard and chat client. The only English option is English (United States).

Property Details Property Details

The second stage requires you to enter details about the website you will be using the widget on for identification within the Tawk Dashboard.

Site Name - An identifier for the site the widget will be used on. For example, Freeola.

Site URL - The URL of your website such as

Widget Name - A name for the widget to aid identification in the Dashboard.

Team Members

Tawk Team Members

Next, you will be prompted to create Team Members, who will be the 'face' your visitor interacts with when using your Live Chat widget.

By default, the email address you used to sign up to Tawk will be set as the Admin. You can use the provided field and Add More button to add additional Team Members if you wish.

Email - The email address used by the Team Member to log into the dashboard.

Role - Admin can configure and customise the Widget settings, while an Agent can only answer chats.

Install Widget Live Chat Code

The final stage of the set-up provides the code that is required to add the Live Chat Widget to your RQS site. Hover your mouse cursor over the code and click Copy to Clipboard.

To finish the set-up, click Done to be taken to the Dashboard.

Adding the Widget to RQS

Now that you have the Widget code you need to add this to your RQS site.

First, open the builder and access your site design either using the RQS Website Builder section of your MyFreeola account or by visiting

Now, you will need to decide on which pages you would like the Chat Widget to appear upon. You have the option to include this on all pages or on specific pages only - this guide will explain how to achieve both.

Adding the Widget to all pages

To add the Widget to all pages of your website you will need to add the code to the Body of your pages. The RQS Builder makes this very straight forward.

Once logged into the builder, navigate to the Website Tools menu across the top of the screen, then select Custom Head/Body Code. From the window that opens select Custom Body Code.

Now paste your code from Tawk.To into the provided text box, as shown below: <body> Code

If your browser does not allow you to Right-click>Paste, then you can use the keyboard shortcut of 'CTRL+V' to add this information.

Click Finish to save.

Your chat text box will now appear on every Live page on your website and will be accessible to visitors who click the Live Chat icon.

Tawk Chat Icon

Adding the Widget to individual pages

If you would prefer your Live Chat option to only appear on a specific page, or pages, on your site, you can do so through the use of a Snippet.

To add this Snippet to your page firstly log in to your RQS builder. Select the page you wish to add this content on from the Manage Pages menu item then, using the Right-Click Menu, use the Edit Content option (or Add a Content Section) within the area you would like the Snippet to appear.

When editing the Content Area, right-click again and select Add Page Element, then Add Snippet. Next move your mouse cursor to your desired location, and click to Save.

For the Live Chat Widget, the location of the Snippet is irrelevant.

Now either Double-Click the Snippet Area or select Manage Snippets from the Website Tools menu to open the Manage Snippets window. Select Create a New Snippet to open the Edit Snippet window.

RQS Edit Snippet Window

Snippet Name - This is what your Snippet will be called. You can call this Snippet anything you like, but we would recommend a descriptive name, such as Tawk or Live Chat (Page Name).

Snippet Code - This is where you will enter the code, in full, provided by Tawk.To.

Tawk.To Live Chat Code

If your browser does not allow you to Right-click>Paste, then you can use the keyboard shortcut of 'CTRL+V' to add this information.

Now click Finish to save. You will be returned to the Manage Snippets window, from which you will need to select your new Snippet by selecting the radio button on the left. Once you have done so, click Finish (or Select Snippet).

Your chat text box will now appear on every page on your website that includes this Snippet, and will be accessible to visitors who click the Live Chat icon.

Tawk Chat Icon

Using the Dashboard

Once you have added the Live Chat Widget to your page(s) you will need to log into the Tawk.To Dashboard to answer chats and customise some aspects of how the Widget looks and behaves.

We will now briefly cover each of these, for in-depth guides on using this service please visit the Help Pages.

Answering a Chat

When a visitor to your site opens a chat you will receive an alert within the dashboard, and their given name will appear within the sidebar (as shown below).

Tawk.To Dashboard

To respond, click the chat notification then Join. If you have multiple Agents, you can select which you would like to answer from the provided drop-down list.

When the visitor has ended the chat, you can close the chat window using the X in the top-right corner.

Customising the Widget Behaviour

To change the Appearance, Language, Opening Times and visibility options select Administration from the left-hand menu then Chat Widget under the Channels header.

Tawk.To Admin Settings

The Appearance section will allow you to change the colour, location and size of the Widget on the page.

Tawk.To Appearance Window

The Language section allows you to add, edit or remove pre-filled text that visitors to your site will see within the Widget at different times (Available, Busy, Offline etc.).

Tawk.To Language Settings

The Dashboard provides a large number of customisations and additions (some paid-for) for your chat widget, all of which will be outlined in detail within the Help Pages.

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