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Restoring an SSD Hosting website from a backup

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Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This page is provided as a guide for restoring a Freeola website hosted on SSD Web Hosting using the built-in backup feature. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

This feature is only available to websites hosted on Freeola's SSD Hosting service and uses the JetBackup 5 application.

Restoring your website from a backup is useful in the event of an update (typically to a plugin or theme) going wrong, an accidental deletion of files, or unauthorised, malicious, access.

This guide will provide a basic outline on how to restore your site using this feature. For more advanced help, please see the in-app documentation.

  1. If you would like to restore your website, or part of your website, back to an earlier version you will first need to log into your cPanel dashboard.

    • To log in directly - Visit (replacing with your domain) and enter your cPanel Username and Password in the fields provided.
      cPanel Login Screen

    • To log in via MyFreeola - Visit your MyFreeola Control Panel and login. Once logged in, select Websites & Hosting then SSD Hosting from the left-hand menu. From the screen that appears, click Quick Login next to your SSD Hosting subscription.
      SSD Hosting Quick Login

  2. In the cPanel Dashboard navigate to the Files section, then click on JetBackup 5.
    JetBackup 5 in cPanel

  3. The JetBackup 5 Dashboard will now load, providing information on your available backups. The left-hand menu will offer 4 options:

    • Dashboard - Return to the JetBackup 5 Dashboard, providing stats on your backups alongside direct links to available backup services.

    • Restore & Download - The primary option within the app; this is where you would visit to backup the different aspects of your site.

    • Downloads - If you have downloaded any of your backup information, details of each file will be listed here.

    • Queue - If you have scheduled, or queued up, a number of different restore, download and backup jobs, they will be listed here.

    JetBackup 5 Side Menu
  4. For the purposes of this guide, we are only interested in the Restore & Download option. After selecting this you will be shown the six different types of backup available using this software:

    • Full Account - If you have taken a full backup of your everything on your site, it will be listed here. (Not used by default).

    • Home Directory - This is where your website files will be stored, with backups of the root directory taken Daily and Weekly by default.

    • Cron Jobs - If you run scheduled scripts on your website, you will find the Daily and Weekly backups on this tab.

    • Databases - This tab will list databases you have created within your SSD Hosting subscription. To see the Daily and Weekly backups for any database, click the Choose Other Backup option on that database row.

    • Database Users - A backup of all MySQL Database users you have created will be listed here. As with the Databases themselves, click Choose Other Backup to see available restore points.

    • FTP Accounts - A list of any additional FTP accounts you have created will be listed on this tab. As with the previous two tabs, click Choose Other Backup to select your backup point.

    JetBackup 5 Top Navigation
  5. In this guide, we will be restoring from the Home Directory tab. From this tab, select the backup you would like to restore, this will then be highlighted orange. Click Restore at the bottom of the page to continue.
    JetBackup 5 Directory Backup
    If you wish to only restore specific files or folders, click the Change Files Selection option before enabling the desired folder and clicking Select Files to continue.
    JetBackup 5 Restore Directory

  6. The Restore Summary window will now pop-up. If you wish to keep the current data within webspace/selected folders (i.e. only 'missing' files will be restored) Tick the option Merge backup data with live account data.
    JetBackup 5 Restore Summary
    To restore your data, click Restore Selected Items.

  7. You will now be taken to the Queue where your selected actions will appear, with the software automatically starting the restoration. Please note, if your backup is particularly large, this may take some time.

    To refresh the status table, click the Refresh icon, to stop the restoration click Cancel All and to remove finished jobs select Clear Completed.

  8. Once the restoration is complete, the Status column will update to Completed, meaning your chosen files have been restored.
    JetBackup 5 Success Message

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