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Password Protecting Webpage Directories

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There are two different ways that you can password protect a webpage directory using Freeola, the first and easiest way is to use our VIP+ Web hosting service.
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VIP+ Hosting

To password protect a webpage directory using our VIP+ web hosting, please use the following method:

  1. If you don't have one already, create the directory that you would like to password protect using your FTP client.

  2. Log into your MyFreeola control panel and navigate to the My Web Sites section of the left-hand side menu, find your domain name within the list, then select Options & FTP Settings.

  3. You should then be able to scroll down the to the VIP+ Hosting Settings section, in this section select the Directory Settings option and you will then be able to select the directory that you have created. Once selected, press the Password Protection button and enable the password protection. You will then be able to enter the required information to protect your directory.

  4. Save the changes you have made and you will now have a password protected directory on your VIP+ Web Hosting service.

Creating a Password

To increase password security, Freeola would recommend using a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, mixed with digits.

Htaccess File

This section of the guide assumes you have knowledge of text editors and htaccess files in general. Due to the advanced nature of these files, it is not recommended to utilise this method unless you have some scripting knowledge.

If you are using our standard hosting services and would like to password protect your webpage directory, then you can do so using the following method:

  1. Create a .htaccess file which has the following code:

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "restricted area"
    AuthUserFile /freeola/users/*/*/*/.htpasswd
    require valid-user
    Making sure to replace the * with the following:
    1st *: last digit of your SR or VIP number
    2nd *: second to last digit of your SR or VIP number
    3rd *: your SR or VIP number
    An example using the sr number "sr1111123" would be:
    An example using the VIP number "vip1111123" would be:
  2. Move the .htaccess file into the directory that you wish to password protect.

  3. Create a .htpasswd file and generate a username and password using a .htpasswd generator, and put the generated username and password into the file.
    An example username and password are - Username: Test and Password: Test
    This is shown in the file as:

  4. Move the .htpasswd file to the root directory of the server. If added correctly, this should work immediately.

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