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Linking to Freeola & GetDotted

By Freeola Support on 7th June, 2019 | 2 Comment(s)
Can I link to Freeola or Get Dotted?


Yes you can - the instructions on this page are designed to be copied and pasted into your page's code using a text or web page editor so you can link to us. Please use the code (in red) as it is shown. Thank you!


Link to Freeola.com


For a simple text link to Freeola.com:

Freeola - Internet Service Provider


Please copy this code:

<a href='https://freeola.com/'>Freeola - Internet Service Provider</a>


For an image link to Freeola.com:


Freeola - Internet Service Provider


Please copy this code: 

<a href='https://freeola.com/'><img src='https://images.freeola.co.uk/logos/freeola-sw.jpg' border='0' alt='Freeola - Internet Service Provider'></a>


Link to Freeola Broadband


For a simple text link to Freeola Broadband:

Cheap Broadband


Please copy this code:

<a href='https://freeola.com/broadband/'>Cheap Broadband</a>


For an image link to Freeola Broadband:


Cheap Broadband


Please copy this code: 

<a href='https://freeola.com/broadband/'><img src='https://images.freeola.co.uk/logos/freeola-sw.jpg' border='0' alt='Cheap Broadband'></a>


Link to GetDotted.com


For a simple text link to GetDotted.com

Register domain names


Please copy this code:

<a href='https://getdotted.com/'>Register domain names</a>


For an image link to GetDotted.com:


Register domain names


Please copy this code:

<a href='https://getdotted.com/'><img src='https://images.freeola.co.uk/getdotted/main/getdotted-logo.png' border='0' alt='Register domain names'></a>


Thank you for choosing to link to Freeola & Get Dotted.

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Hmmm... commented on 3rd February, 2015:
Hi Freeola,
I've just started refreshing my website where I've previously used your images/code to link to you. Rather than use the images you're offering above which don't seem current I've 'borrowed' your current ones.

Please let me know if this is a problem. I'm using the images here: http://www.hmmm.ip3.co.uk/about-hmmm.shtml

Butch [staff] commented on 13th February, 2015:
It's not a problem to use the images listed on the site, but the examples listed above are (now) current and are in use on some of our pages, should you wish to use alternatives.

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