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Freeola's Website Guide: Part 1: Design & Build

By Freeola Support on 21st April, 2021 | 0 Comment(s) | 3 out of 7 people found this article useful.

Freeola's Website Guide: Part One: Design & Build Website Design Guide & Web Development Guide...

If you have chosen a website theme or subject for your new website, the next step is to get your web site designed and built, ready to put live on the web. There are quite a few options to choose from, depending on your experience in web design and the amount of money and time you have available to spend. You'll also need to take into account any special features your web site may require, such as shopping trolleys, snazzy photo galleries, administrator control panels and so on.

Here we explain some of the different options available, and which ones may suit you best.

Design & Build your own web site

The internet and websites are made out of code. The most commonly used code to create and display a web site is HTML, one of the most basic web languages.

If you're tempted to learn how to design and code your own web site then you'll need to invest in some design software such as Adobe Photoshop, or a free alternative such as GIMP. With a design program, you'll create a design for your web site, and then optimise any images or banners for the web.

You will also need a web development application, a highly popular example of which would be Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver, with a little assistance from yourself, will turn your web site design into a fully coded, ready-to-put-live website. It also lets you see what you're building on the fly.

You can actually code your web site in a simple text editor such as Notepad (included by default with most PCs), which some find incredibly fun, but this is only recommended for people who consider themselves experienced with web coding or want to learn how to raw code web pages. If you're wanting to learn HTML by hand, it's best to find a good book, although you can also find some excellent web sites out there such as; which comes highly recommended by Freeola.

Use an easy, no-experience-needed website builder:

Alternatively, if you'd like a professional web site built but don't want to spend a lot of money, you can use a web site builder. Website builders, being aimed at inexperienced users, are generally easy to use, and very affordable too. Take the Freeola InstantPro Website Builder, for example, which includes absolutely everything you'll need to get a website online. It's incredibly easy to use, you can just drag and drop page elements within the InstantPro Web Builder using our simple page editor.

Please note that with InstantPro, all web hosting and FTP uploading is included, and automatic, so you won't need to worry about these whatsoever.

InstantPro then does absolutely everything else automatically, building your web site and therefore leaving you nothing left to do apart from marvel at your stylish new web site.

For a small monthly charge, absolutely anyone (well, almost) can build a really good looking web site. And with great page types available such as online blogs, elegant photo galleries and even the ability to create an online shop, InstantPro is a great, cheap, usable alternative suitable for almost anyone wanting their own web site.

Hire a Web Designer to design & build your web site:

If you're completely new to the art of web design, a popular choice would be to hire a web designer who will design and build a website from scratch to your specification. Here at Freeola we offer a number of affordable web design packages, whether you want a full design or just a little assistance.

Alternatively Freeola provides a directory of UK web designers.

Once your website is designed, unless you've chosen to use the Freeola InstantPro Website Builder, you'll need to get some web hosting sorted out, and get it online so people can start visiting it!

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