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Setting up Freeola E-mail on an iPhone or iPad

By Freeola Support on 30th April, 2021 | 17 Comment(s) | 24 out of 36 people found this article useful.

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with setting up a Freeola email address on an IPad or IPhone. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Before Continuing... 

Please visit your MyFreeola account and make a note of the following information before continuing, you'll need to know this for later on in the guide:

1, What protocol your e-mail address is set up to use (IMAP or POP3).

2, What service is assigned to your e-mail address (EmailPro, Free Email or One Address).

3, Your e-mail address password.

You can find this information by clicking Email Settings in the left-hand navigation in MyFreeola, then My Email Addresses. You should then be able to click Settings & Features button next to the relevant e-mail address, your e-mail protocol and service information can be found here.

Please be aware that different software versions may have slight differences in wording and layout however you should be able to work out what goes where.

  1. To configure Freeola e-mail addresses on the device you need to go to Settings, then Passwords & Accounts, then Add Account.

  2. From the options listed, select Other, then Add Mail Account.
    iPhone Email Provider Selection

  3. Enter your Name, Email, Password and Description in the relevant fields. Now tap Next, your device should quickly check the information you entered is valid. This process is likely to fail, at which point you will be prompted to enter the server details manually.
    iPhone New Account Details

  4. You will now be asked for your E-mail Account information:
    Select POP3 or IMAP depending on the type of account you have.
    The Name, Email and Description fields should have carried over from the previous screen.
    Under Incoming Mail Server:
    Host Name should be in the format where 'yourdomainname' is your domain name with any dots ( . ) replaced with hyphens ( - ). For example, if your domain name was, the incoming mail server would be
    User Name is the full e-mail address you are adding.
    Password is the password connected to this e-mail address.
    Incoming Mail Settings iPhone

  5. Under Outgoing Mail Server:
    Host Name should be set to
    User Name is the full e-mail address you are adding.
    Password is the password connected to this e-mail address.


  6. Once this information has been entered, tap Save. Your iPhone or iPad will now attempt to verify this information and return you to the Settings page once it has done so.

Enabling SSL Security

  1. By default, your Apple device should have enabled SSL protection during the setup process described above. However, if it hasn't, we would strongly recommend enabling this additional layer of encryption for your messages.

  2. To enable this, go to Settings, Passwords & Accounts, then select your newly added address.

  3. Scroll down to Advanced and select this option. From the following page slide the Use SSL option to ON. Server Port will be 995 for POP or 993 for IMAP. Tap Save.

  4. Now select the SMTP Server then tap on the server listed under Primary Server. Slide the Use SSL option to ON. Server Port will be 465. Tap Done.

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Mattbn3 commented on 2nd July, 2012

This doesnt work and should be updated.

Butch [staff] commented on 3rd July, 2012

Hello Matt,

All of our guides are checked for accuracy when new versions of software (or in the case of an iPhone/iPad, operating system) are released. I have taken the liberty of double-checking the above guide this morning and can confirm that is an accurate representation of the steps needed to be followed in order to set up an account of this type.

If you are having issues setting up your Freeola e-mail account on an Apple device then I would advise you contact our helpful Support Team by calling 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at for assistance.

MikeMiG commented on 12th February, 2013

I agree with Mattbn3 - this doesn't work - you can do the set up and the account is verified, but have you tried sending from the device using the domain address in the 'From" field? All messages are rejected by the server and sit in the Outbox. Not very happy at the moment as I have emails coming in - to the iphone mailbox - but cannot respond.

Butch [staff] commented on 13th February, 2013

Hi Mike,

As I explained to Matt, these guides are regularly checked, and updated when necessary, to ensure they are relevant for the most up-to-date versions of the software, or device, in question.

From looking into your account, I can see you have already contacted our Support Team regarding this issue. I would strongly advise following their advice, paying particular attention to the section regarding outgoing server usernames and passwords, as the server log shows that this is where your issue lies.

If you require further assistance with this matter, you should reply to your ticket conversation with my Support colleagues.

David0108 commented on 28th February, 2013

Reference comments by mattbn3 and mikemig I am also experiencing problems with messages being rejected by the server on my recently purchased iPad mini - no problems with iPad which I've had for awhile. I am following guidance in article to the letter and repeatedly checking all settings but still experiencing problems. Account in question is that for

Butch [staff] commented on 28th February, 2013

Hello David,

From looking into the server logs, it seems that you may have missed, or mis-entered, the Username and Password details for the outgoing mail server. I would advise that you ensure you have entered all information correctly during the set-up of the account.

As the guide above says, Apple devices will list these fields as 'Optional'. This is incorrect, and this information needs to be entered for the account to work properly with authenticated SMTP servers, such as we use for Email Freedom and EmailPro.

If you are having further issues setting this account up, please contact Freeola Support on 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at

DanielleMarie commented on 21st May, 2013

When was this last updated? I'm struggling to set up my new email account on my iPhone 5 (iOS 6), Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird....

Butch [staff] commented on 21st May, 2013

Hi Danielle,

This guide is updated regularly to reflect any changes that may have rolled out with newer versions of the software.

I have checked the accuracy of this guide for you just now, and it fits with what I am seeing on the IOS 'Mail' application.

From looking at the server logs for your account, it seems that the account you have set up on your PC has the incorrect authentication on the 'Outgoing Server' details. I would advise you double-check this information within Thunderbird.

If you are having further issues setting up your account within any device, I would advise you contact our helpful Support Team by calling 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at for assistance.

Sallyslapcabbage commented on 9th October, 2014

I have decided that it is impossible to send emails from my Freeola email on my new ipad. Received - yes. Sent - no. But for now I'll just resort to my laptop make any replies. Perhaps one day I will try and get all the input in correctly and in the right order but for now................

Butch [staff] commented on 13th October, 2014

Hello Sally,

From looking into the server logs for your account, it seems that your sending issue is caused by a lack of outgoing server username and password information. As the guide above intimates, Apple devices list this as optional, which is incorrect in this case.

If you are having further issues setting this account up, please contact Freeola Support on 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at

MauriceC commented on 12th September, 2015

Just worked perfectly for me! Thanks.

CAF275 commented on 8th May, 2017

I can only send and receive mail on my iPhone when working on wifi network. Why does it not work the rest of the time?

Butch [staff] commented on 9th May, 2017

Hi Carol,

If your iPhone is only sending mail over your WiFi connection it is likely that your SMTP server is set to that of your internet provider. If you are subscribed to our EmailPro service for your Freeola address you will be able to use '' from any type of internet connection in any location.

Should you require assistance in setting up your account with these settings or subscribing to this service, please contact the Support Team on 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at

stevezest commented on 13th July, 2020

This does not work on my I Phone 11pro plus. it allows me to receive emails however I cannot send anything keeps telling me that the server has rejected

Butch [staff] commented on 14th July, 2020

Hi Steve,

That error message suggests you have entered the incorrect SMTP/Outgoing server, or have missed the Outgoing Username and Password - highlighted above as being required for all Freeola addresses.

If you are using a Freeola e-mail address to send and are having issues, I would advise contacting Support via who will be able to assist you.

andy commented on 2nd January, 2021

Previously had success with another freelola mail account on my I pad pro but unsuccessful attempts to verify a new account.
Copied all the details from my freeola email account but still no verification. Also made sure to put in outgoing server details password etc. and ensured POP is chosen.
My Samsung phone seemed to work immediately without me even having to enter any details...magic!
Any thoughts?

Butch [staff] commented on 4th January, 2021

Hi Andy,

If the account works on another device and you already have another account running on your iPad then your reported issue can only be caused by the settings being entered. As such, all I can advise if that you double-check everything you are entering and that you are typing each field fully and correctly (Apple software does have issues with the copy-and-paste function).

If you continue to have problems, please contact Support via with any error messages you may be receiving and we should be able to assist you.

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