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Setting up Freeola E-mail on an Android Device

By Freeola Support on 4th May, 2021 | 2 Comment(s) | 1 out of 4 people found this article useful.

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with setting up a Freeola email address on the standard mail application on an Android device. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Before Continuing... 

Please visit your MyFreeola account and make a note of the following information before continuing, you'll need to know this for later on in the guide:

1, What protocol your e-mail address is set up to use (IMAP or POP3).

2, What service is assigned to your e-mail address (EmailPro, Free Email or One Address).

3, Your e-mail address password.

You can find this information by clicking Email Settings in the left-hand navigation in MyFreeola, then My Email Addresses. You should then be able to click Settings & Features button next to the relevant e-mail address, your e-mail protocol and service information can be found here.

Please be aware that different software versions may have slight differences in wording and layout, however you should be able to work out what goes where.

  1. To configure Freeola e-mail addresses on Android, you need to select the 'Email' button from the main menu and then press Next.

  2. You will now be prompted for your e-mail address and your e-mail account password, simply type these into the necessary fields and press Next. If you are given the option for Push Notification, you will need to ensure that this is Not Ticked.

  3. From the list of account types, press the IMAP or POP3 button depending on the setting in your MyFreeola account (default is POP3).
    Email Account Setup Android

  4. You will now be asked for your E-mail Account information, the username field will be your e-mail address, the e-mail account password, the incoming e-mail server is where 'yourdomainname' is your domain name with any dots ( . ) replaced with hyphens ( - ). For example, if your domain name was, the incoming mail server would be
    Security should be SSL.
    Authentication should be set to Normal Password.
    For a POP account, the port number should be 995 and IMAP accounts should be 993.
    Android IMAP Settings for Freeola
    The other options on this page are not necessary, when you are happy with your details press Next.

  5. If your details are correct, then you will be asked for your outgoing e-mail server details. This should be set to
    Security should be SSL.
    Port should be 465.

    You will need to enable the option 'Require Sign In', and type your E-mail Address and password into the stated fields. Once you are happy with your details, press Next.

    Please Note: This server is only accessible if you are subscribed to our EmailPro or One Address services or are using a Freeola Internet connection.

  6. Your Android device will now establish whether the details you have entered are correct, if they are you will be able to download your messages and send messages from your Freeola E-mail Address.

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Richie commented on 10th January, 2016

Doesn't work with the MS Outlook App, comes up with a out of date certificate error for the smtp server :-(

Butch [staff] commented on 11th January, 2016

Hello Richard,

This guide is designed for use with the standard Mail application that ships with the latest Android OS. While the settings displayed above are correct for any device using a Freeola address, they may need to be entered slightly differently for different software.

Should you require assistance in setting up your account, please contact the Support Team on 01376 55 60 60 or via our online system found at

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