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Editing Your Site Banner & Logo

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Important: When you first open the InstantPro Website Builder you will arrive at the Site Overview screen and you will need to click on Edit Theme Design under the Themes & Styling heading, as shown below:

Site Overview Screen

Web Site Banner and Logo

Your web site banner will appear on every page above you web site content. This is the place where you would include a company, or organisation logo and perhaps a nice image too.

Editing the Banner and Logo

To open the banner and logo tools, you will need to click the Edit Banner & Logo button shown in the section highlighted in the image above.

You will now be shown a page where you can define the settings relating to your banner and logo images.

No Banner Image

You may not want your web site to have a banner image, if so select the Have No Banner Image option as highlighted in the example image.

Displaying No Banner Image

You will see that you are shown a preview of how your site will appear without a banner image.

Pick a Free Banner Image

If you wish to have a banner image, but do not feel that you are able to design one yourself, you are able to pick from a choice of our stock banner images on which you can then add your own logo to make it a little more personal. For this, use the Choose a Free Banner Image section.

Picking a Free Banner Image

To choose your free banner image, just click the Pick a Stock Banner Image link, as shown on the image above and you'll be taken through to see the available stock banner images.

Once you have chosen your banner image, you will then be able to progress on to define your logo using the InstantPro Logo creator tool.

Upload your own Banner Image

If you have your own banner image which you have designed yourself, or had designed for you, it is possible to upload this to the InstantPro Website Builder and use the image as your site banner.

You will need to select the third option from the banner and logo settings box - Upload Your Own Banner Image.

Uploading Your Own Banner Image

Click the Browse Computer button to find the image file on your computer so that it can be uploaded. Once the image has been uploaded you will be shown a preview of your banner image, and have a chance to crop the image if this is necessary.

Custom Banner Options

If the image does not require cropping, you can click the Continuebutton straight away and move on to the InstantPro Logo Creator.

InstantPro Logo Creator

Once a banner image has been uploaded or chosen from the selection of free banner images, the next step is add a logo to your banner image.

Adding Your Logo

Within the logo creator you will see that you have Three Choicesregarding your logo:

Don't Display a Logo

This will mean that your banner image will remain as is shown in the preview, with no other text, or images added.

Use the InstantPro Logo Creator Tool

The logo creator tool allows you to add your own text and image layers to the banner image, which you can then place in any location on the banner you wish as well as choosing from a large number of font styles. To move the logo around the banner image you can use the arrow icons shown just above the banner preview.

The text colour can also be defined using a colour wheel, or a hexadecimal colour specification too.

Upload Your Own Logo

If you have your own logo which you would like to add to the web site banner, then you are able to upload this in the same manner as with uploading the banner image.

Uploading a Logo

Once uploaded you will be able to Position Your Logo wherever you wish on the site banner. You can even have your web site logo appear above the banner image. This can be achieved by selecting the Move Logo Above Banner link shown just to the right above the banner preview image.

Positioning Your Logo

Once you are happy with how your logo has been defined click the Continue button to return to the main web design editor page, and view how your banner sits on your page.

Example Banner & Logo

Finished! You now now how to edit your Banner Image and Logo.

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