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Freeola Voice on Asterisk (Sample Code)

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Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This page is offered as a basic outline for using Freeola Voice home VoIP services on a device using Asterisk. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.

Please note, this code is provided for example purposes only. We will not provide support on configuration of Asterisk other than the code samples given here.

In your sip.conf file

Add text as below:

In all examples below, replace bolded text below with appropriate details from your Freeola Voice settings in your MyFreeola Account.

register => Username/SIP Account Account No
[Username/SIP Account No]

username=Username/SIP Account No
secret= Password
fromuser=Username/SIP Account No

In your extensions.conf file

This example assumes you've already got a phone in the extensions.conf file configured with the extension 1000.


exten => Username/SIP Account No,1,Dial(SIP/1000)

The outgoing section should be included in the context for the extension you've setup on 1000.

exten => _90.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@Username/SIP Account No,30,trg)
exten => _90.,2,Hangup

exten => _80.,1,Dial(SIP/*67${EXTEN:1}@Username/SIP Account No,30,trg)
exten => _80.,2,Hangup

The first dialplan will match numbers starting 90, it will strip the 9 from the beginning and dial out giving Caller ID (if you've enabled this option from within your MyFreeola Control Panel).

The second dialplan will match numbers starting 80, it will strip the 8 from the beginning and dial out without Caller ID for that specific call.

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