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Changing your DNS servers

By Freeola Support on 14th July, 2016 | 0 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Freeola Support pages. This guide is designed to take you though the basic steps for changing your DNS servers. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.


Your DNS servers are used by your computer to turn host names such as into Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses such as which are then used by your computer to connect to the relevant server. For example, when you visit your computer will contact your DNS servers, they will then return, which your computer will then use to connect to the Freeola web server and download the web page.


You may wish to change your name servers as part of the OpenDNS Web Filtering Guide. Other reasons for changing your DNS Servers may be:

  • You do not use DHCP to connect to your router so you need to specify your DNS server settings in order for your computer to be able to resolve host names.

  • You are encountering issues resolving host names and believe that your computer is not picking up the correct DNS server settings.

  • You are having issues with your current DNS provider and would like to use another.

  • Your DNS provider has changed the IP Address of their DNS servers and the old servers are still being used by your computer or network.

  • You have manually set up DNS servers in the past and would like to change this setting so that the DNS settings are picked up automatically.


Should you need to change your default DNS servers, or would like to manually set them, please follow the relevant link below. The two main ways of setting your DNS servers are either in your router, or on your machine itself. If you set the DNS servers on your router, any computer that connects to your router and uses DHCP to obtain DNS settings (generally the case, see below) will be automatically given the set DNS servers to use.


DHCP is a technology used by routers which will automatically provide each computer connected a unique local IP address. If you set local IP addresses manually on a computer, you will also need to manually set the DNS servers.


Setting the DNS servers on your machine:


Setting the DNS servers on your router:

If your router model is not listed, following the guide for a router of the same manufacturer may help you make this change.


Once the changes have been made, if you were following the OpenDNS Web Filtering Guide, click here to return.

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