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Setting up Freeola Email in BlueMail for Windows 10/11

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Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with setting up a Freeola email address on the BlueMail app on Windows 10/11. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Guides Page.

Before Continuing

Please visit your MyFreeola account and make a note of the following information before continuing, you'll need to know this for later on in the guide:

1 - What protocol your e-mail address is set up to use (IMAP or POP3).

2 - What service is assigned to your e-mail address (EmailPro, Free Email or One Address).

3 - Your e-mail address password.

You can find this information by clicking Email Settings in the left-hand navigation in MyFreeola, then My Email Addresses. You should then be able to click Settings & Features button next to the relevant e-mail address to view all required email settings.

This guide was written using BlueMail v1.137.3-S on Windows 10 as a base. Other versions of the software may have some slight wording or visual differences, but the overall process should be the same.

Adding Your Account
  1. If you have not done so already, download the BlueMail software from the official developer website.

  2. If this is the first time using the program, you will automatically be prompted to set up an account. Click Continue to be taken to the Add Account window.
    If you already have an account on the software, click the Settings Icon/Cog from the left pane, Account Settings then Add New.

  3. From the Add Account window select Manual Setup then Manual Setup again.
    BlueMail Manual Setup

  4. Next, select your e-mail protocol - either POP or IMAP.
    BlueMail POP or IMAP

  5. The following window will allow you to enter your Freeola e-mail address information:

    • Email Address: Is the full e-mail address you are trying to set up.

    • Username: Again, this is your full e-mail address.

    • Password: Enter your e-mail password.

    • IMAP Server: This will be where 'yourdomainname' is your domain name with any dots ( . ) replaced with hyphens ( - ). For example, if your domain name was, the incoming mail server would be

    • Security: SSL/TLS.

    • Authentication: PLAIN.

    • Port: 993.

    BlueMail IMAP Settings
    Click Next to continue.
  6. The following window will allow you to enter the Outgoing Server Settings:

    • Username: As above, this is your full e-mail address.

    • Password: The same e-mail password as entered on the previous window.
      Both of the above settings should have copied over from the Incoming Settings window.

    • SMTP Server: Enter

    • Security: SSL/TLS.

    • Authentication: PLAIN.

    • Port: 465.

    • Require Sign-in: This option should be enabled/ticked.

    BlueMail Outgoing Server Settings
    Click Next to continue.
  7. The software will now test the details entered. If successful, you will be prompted to provide some cosmetic details for the account:
    None of the below settings will affect the operation of the email address you have just added.

    • Name: The name people will see when you send them messages.

    • Description: A name to give the account to help you identify at a later time, we would recommend using the e-mail address.

    • Account Colour: Selecting a unique colour helps identify the account with the software if you have multiple addresses.

    BlueMail Cosmetic Options
    Click Next to save, and finish.

Editing An Existing Account

If you would like to change the settings for your email address within the software, or were looking to view your account settings for troubleshooting purposes, you can easily see this information using the following steps.

  1. With BlueMail open, select the Settings Icon/Cog from the left-hand pane.
    BlueMail Settings Options

  2. From the Settings window that opens, select Account Settings.
    BlueMail Settings Menu

  3. The Edit Account tab should be selected by default:

    • Update Password: If you have updated your Freeola e-mail password, click here to update the email software with the new information.

    • Incoming/Outgoing Settings: This option will allow you to check both the Incoming and Outgoing server details including the Hostname, Username and Port Numbers.

    BlueMail Account Details
  4. Close the Settings window to return to your Inbox once you have made your changes.

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