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Assigning a Domain to RQS and Publishing Your Site

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Once you have designed your RQS Website and are ready to publish this for the world to see you will need to first assign an available domain name to your RQS subscription.

While this is easiest done using a domain name from GetDotted, you can also use a domain name you have registered with a third-party to connect to your new site.

The following guide will explain how to assign a GetDotted or External Domain Name to your RQS site allowing you to Publish your site on the internet.

To start, log into your MyFreeola Control Panel, select Websites & Hosting from the left-hand navigation menu then RQS Website Builder. The following page will show your RQS Website(s), and confirm the current domain name(s) attached, if any.

RQS MyFreeola Page

To add a domain name select either Edit Website Addresses option, there will be one within the main body of the subscription details and also on the right-hand side. Either option will take you to the same page.

Assigning A GetDotted Domain

If you wish to connect a domain name registered through Freeola & GetDotted select the Assign GetDotted Domain option on this page.

Edit RQS Site Address

Please Note: You are only able to connect your service to a GetDotted domain name managed within the same MyFreeola account as your RQS service.

You will now be offered an option to select the type of domain name you would like to use, one in use elsewhere within your account or an unhosted domain name. After you have selected your filtering option, click Continue.

Choose RQS Address

You will now be able to select the specific domain name from the available list. Simply highlight the button next to your domain name then click Continue.

RQS Choose Domain

If successful you will now be shown a confirmation message, click Continue to return to the Your RQS Websites section of MyFreeola.

Assigned Addresses to RQS

Assigning An External Domain

If you have a domain name currently registered with a third-party you are still able to use this with the RQS Website Builder. If you wish to connect such a domain name to your service select Assign External Domain on the Edit Site Addresses page.

RQS Edit Address

The Edit External Addresses page will now open, on this page you will be given details of the A Record you need to provide your registrar as well as a field to add your domain name.

Firstly add your External Domain Name into the field, then click Add. Then, contact your registrar (the company that you have your domain name through) and ask them to change the A Record for your domain name to

RQS Edit External Address

When adding this A Record to your domain name, ensure that this is assigned to both the ROOT and WWW sub-domain.

You will now be returned to the Edit Site Address page confirming the addition of your External Domains. Once you have added the A Record with your registrar this page will confirm that this has been done correctly.

To specify your Primary Domain, click Make Primary next to the record. To return to the RQS Page, select Return to Overview.

Publishing Your Website

Now you have your domain name assigned to the service your website is now ready to be published.

To publish, open the RQS Builder and open the Manage Website window. This can be accessed either by clicking the Site Name in the top left-hand corner, the Website Offline section of the RQS Top Menu or from the Website Tools menu by selecting Manage Website.

RQS Manage Website

To publish your site, click the Publish button.

Please note it may take a few hours for your site to be accessible for everyone, and may not appear within search engine databases for a few weeks.

Should you wish to unpublish your website at any time, select Unpublish from the same window.

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