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What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Imagine a single key unlocking multiple doors. A Wildcard SSL certificate functions similarly. It's a special type of SSL certificate that secures not just your primary domain name but also all its valid subdomains under a single certificate.

The magic lies in the asterisk (*). Wildcard certificates use an asterisk to represent any subdomain within your main domain. For example, a Wildcard SSL certificate issued for "" would automatically secure subdomains like "", "", or "", all under one certificate.

How Does a Wildcard SSL Certificate Work?

The core functionality of a Wildcard SSL certificate revolves around the wildcard symbol (*). Here's a simplified breakdown:

  1. Certificate Issuance: request a Wildcard SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) specifying your primary domain name (e.g.,
  2. Domain Validation: The CA verifies your control over the main domain using standard methods like email or DNS verification.
  3. Wildcard Recognition: The issued certificate includes the wildcard symbol (*) in place of a specific subdomain name. This signifies its ability to secure any subdomain within your main domain.
  4. Secure Communication: When a visitor accesses any subdomain protected by the Wildcard certificate, the server presents the certificate to the browser. The browser recognizes the wildcard and establishes a secure encrypted connection for that specific subdomain.

Is a wildcard SSL certificate suitable for my website?

If your website utilizes multiple subdomains, a Wildcard SSL certificate offers a compelling solution. Here's why it might be a perfect fit:

  • Simplified Management: Managing a single Wildcard certificate for all your subdomains is significantly easier than juggling individual certificates for each one. This saves time and reduces the risk of certificate expiration going unnoticed on a subdomain.
  • Cost-Effective: Purchasing one Wildcard certificate is often more economical than obtaining individual certificates for each subdomain, especially as your website grows and requires more subdomains.
  • Scalability: A Wildcard certificate automatically secures any future subdomains you may add to your main domain, eliminating the need to purchase additional certificates for them. This ensures seamless security as your website expands.
  • Security: With a Wildcard certificate, you can be confident that all your subdomains benefit from the same level of encryption and user trust established by the SSL certificate.

However, it's important to consider a few factors before opting for a Wildcard certificate:

  • Limited Scope: A Wildcard certificate only secures subdomains under your primary domain. It won't secure entirely different domain names you might own.
  • Potential Complexity: While Wildcard certificates simplify management in the long run, the initial setup process might require slightly more technical expertise compared to a standard SSL certificate for a single domain.

What protection does a wildcard SSL certificate provide?

Just like a standard SSL certificate, a Wildcard certificate safeguards communication between your website and its visitors. Here's how it enhances security:

  • Encryption: It encrypts data transmission between your subdomains and visitors' browsers. This protects sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card details, and any data submitted through forms on your subdomains.
  • Data Integrity: The encryption ensures that data remains unaltered during transmission, preventing tampering or interception by unauthorized parties.
  • Enhanced Trust: The presence of the padlock symbol and "https://" in the browser address bar for all your subdomains fosters trust with visitors. This signifies a commitment to secure communication and data protection.

What Warranty is included with a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Our Wildcard SSL certificates are provided with a $50,000 warranty. The warranty on an SSL Certificate is provided by the Certificate Authority and offers compensation to users of your website in cases where there is a certificate breach or failure, or in cases of incorrect issuance of the SSL certificate.

For websites with multiple subdomains, a Single-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate offers a powerful and cost-effective way to streamline security management and ensure consistent encryption across all subdomains. By simplifying certificate management and reducing costs, Wildcard certificates empower website owners to focus on growing their online presence with peace of mind. Remember, a secure website is a foundation for building trust and fostering positive user experiences.

Our Wildcard certificates use Domain Validation and are available for just £38.95 ex VAT per year. If you need more security you may need an Extended validation or Organisation validated certificate instead.

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