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Slow Broadband

Information and advice on fixing slow broadband connections

If you're having trouble with slow broadband speeds, you may be able to speed your connection up all by yourself, without having to contact your ISP. The first thing to do is test your speed.

Test for Slow Broadband

Use our test below to check whether your broadband is slow. If the results are not what you'd expect and you're a Freeola customer, please get in touch and we can investigate. If you're not a Freeola customer, then why not? Check your line now and see what packages are available to you - you might be able to get Ultrafast Full-fibre Broadband - and our UK based support team will be able to help you too!

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For most speed issues, please also complete the speed test at before reporting to us.

What causes slow broadband?

If you have noise on your telephone line, you'll be having problems with your broadband speed. Noise on the line causes drops in connection, which in turn cause a reduction in speed as the line technology tries to stabilise the line.

Testing for line noise is easy, though you will first have to remove all broadband equipment from the line and connect via the master socket (this is where the line enters your premises). Just pick up the phone and dial 17070 then choose the option for the quiet line test. If you hear any crackling here, then there's a potential issue with noise on the line and you'll need to speak to the company who provides your telephone line.

If there is no noise on the line, connect your broadband equipment, and complete the line test again. If there is noise on the line now, it's likely your router, cabling or filter causing the issue. Swap each part of the hardware and run the quiet line test after each change to determine the cause. If you can't find the cause of the noise, you may need to report a fault.

Once any noise has been removed from the line, that should be the end of your slow broadband! Typically, speeds will be back up to normal within a day or 2.

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