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Save up to 43%

Do you really need your landline phone?

Silent Line Rental is cheap line rental for the mobile age. Keep fast broadband. Ditch the call costs.

  • designed for broadband
  • save £89 on BT line rental saver

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Save with cheap line rental for under £10 a month

Flexible and affordable. Save over £89 per year* with no contract tie-in.

No-one likes throwing money away. But for years, we've all been stuck with charges for landline phone services that we don't really need. We say, "Enough!". If you use your mobile for phone calls, Freeola Silent Line Rental could save you up to £89 a year. You can save on line rental without moving your broadband connection to us, or you can set up a new broadband connection with Freeola.

Cheap Line
Rental Only

just £9.98 p/m

Use your existing broadband provider and transfer your line rental to Freeola.

Cheap Line Rental
+ Broadband

from £25.93 p/m

Move your Line Rental and Broadband to Freeola or setup a new connection.

Cheap line rental from Freeola

"Interested? Check out our silent line rental video and I'll talk you through the benefits & features of our unique line rental offering"

About our Low Cost
Line Rental for Broadband

Freeola Silent Line Rental gives you a reliable line for a fast internet connection. No frills. You can't make paid calls from your landline phone, but you can still call 0800 freephone numbers and the Emergency Services. You can also receive unlimited incoming calls; so your friends, family and colleagues can keep in touch with you easily.

Our Line Rental is compatible with Freeola Broadband and most other UK broadband services (excluding cable services) and there's no long contract to tie you down. It's the modern answer to traditional Line Rental. Try us for big savings, every month. You won't look back!

Freeola Silent Line Rental Features
Make standard voice calls
Run a fast broadband internet connection
Supports Skype and VoIP internet phone calls
Compatible with existing telephone lines
Flexible, short-term contract (30 Days)
Easy to switch between providers
Make voice calls to Emergency Services
Make voice calls to 0800 and 0808 freephone numbers
Receive incoming calls from all numbers
Free ex-directory listing
Add caller ID for £1.00p/m
Add anonymous call blocking for £1.00p/m

Cheap Line
Rental Only

just £9.98 p/m

Use your existing broadband provider and transfer your line rental to Freeola.

Cheap Line Rental
+ Broadband

from £25.93 p/m

Move your Line Rental and Broadband to Freeola or setup a new connection.

Save over £89 compared to BT Line Rental - Cheap Broadband Deals Cheap Line Rental Deals - Fibre & ADSL Broadband Packages

Lightning fast broadband + free unlimited services + line rental!

Sign up for Freeola broadband and get great benefits like access to our free unlimited services. Combine broadband with our 'naked' or broadband-only line rental and save up to £89 compared to other ISPs.

Cheap Line Rental For Broadband FAQ

Freeola's Cheap Line Rental Contract Length

Line Rental for Broadband has no contract. Should you wish to cease the service you simply need to provide us with at least 30 days notice.

Please note: Ceasing your line rental service will result in all other services that rely on the line, such as broadband, also being terminated. You will be liable for any other cease charges for the broadband service or any other services on the line and may have to pay early termination charges if those services are still in contract. Our broadband cease charges can be viewed on our pricelist page. If you have a broadband service on the line that is not with Freeola then please contact your broadband provider for details on any possible cease charges.

If you wish to move your line rental service to another provider you can do so by simply contacting your new provider. They will manage the transfer of the line.

About Line Rental Transfer

BT lines: If you already have a BT-based line we can simply transfer your line over to the Broadband-only Line Rental service and your telephone number will remain the same. There is normally no interruption to other services on your line, such as broadband.

There is a small one-off fee to pay of £11.99 (inc. VAT) for a BT-base line transfer.

LLU Lines: If you currently pay your line rental to a provider such as TalkTalk, Sky or Vodafone (known as Local Loop Unbundling or LLU services) then your line will need converting to a BT line so that it can be transferred to us. In most cases we are able to port the telephone number to us. If this is not possible a new telephone number will be assigned to the line.

Transferring a line from a LLU provider to Freeola Broadband-only Line Rental will normally result in interruption to your service of up to 2 hours.

There is a one-off fee to pay of £39.59 (inc. VAT) to transfer an LLU line to Freeola.

Details of line transfer charges can be found on our pricelist page.

How long does it take to transfer a line?

Line transfers from other BT-base line rental providers normally take 10 working days (due to Ofcom regulations). Transfers from service providers such as TalkTalk, Sky or Vodafone (known as Local Loop Unbundling or LLU services) can take longer. You will be notified by us of the date your line is expected to be transferred.

About Line Rental Installation

If you don't already have a line at your premises we can arrange for BT to install a new line for a one off cost of £32.71 (inc.VAT).

If there is an inactive line (often referred to as a stopped line) at the premises then this will be reactivated for a one off cost of £11.99 (inc.VAT).

For new line installations an engineer will need to visit the premises. We will contact you to arrange an appointment. Should the engineer be unable to gain access to the premises at the agreed appointment time an abortive visit will be charged by BT, which will passed on to the customer. This charge is £113.69 (inc. VAT).

Details of line installation charges can be found on our pricelist page.

How long does it take to get a line installed?

This depends on the availability of BT Openreach engineers but is normally between 3 and 10 working days. We will contact you after you have placed your order to confirm an engineer appointment with you.

*Cheap Line Rental Savings - Landline Comparison

Save over £89 per year when you sign up for Freeola's Line Rental for Broadband when compared to BT's cheapest Line Rental Saver offering, which is priced at £208.89 for 12 months as of 03/07/2016.

Freeola Broadband-only Line Rental is just £9.98 (inc. VAT) on a 30 day contract. At £119.76 over 12 months, our cheap broadband line rental is £89.13 cheaper than BT Line Rental Saver costs.

I have some questions about Line Rental, can Freeola help?

Absolutely, if you've got any questions or you're not sure whether out broadband-only line rental is for you then give out friendly UK-based help & support team a call on 01376 55 60 60 or send us a free email message.

Just want broadband? You don't need our line rental to sign up for our broadband. In fact you can choose to sign up for our broadband with line rental or broadband without line rental (although you will need line rental with another provider). Check our our cheap broadband deals and test your line to see how fast you could go.

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