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Here you can check your phone line for broadband availability, test the details of your line and local telephone exchange and find out the expected broadband speed in your area.

Freeola Broadband is available to customers with a standard telephone line in an FTTC or ADSL enabled area and to customers in FTTP enabled areas. We don't believe in long-term contracts, so all our broadband packages are provided on 30 day rolling contracts. We endeavour to provide the fastest speeds available in your location. Check your expected broadband speed and availability by entering your number or postcode (if you don't have a number yet).

To check your line, enter your details in to the Broadband checker below.

To check your line, enter your details in to the checker
on the right and follow the on-screen instructions.


Broadband Availability Checker

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Do I need a phone line for broadband?

No, you don't always require a phone line to have broadband. Modern services such as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), and SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) are data-only connections and do not require a traditional landline, so there is no longer a necessity to pay for a service that is not required.

Although FTTP is not yet available to everyone, if your exchange has been upgraded to support Superfast FTTC (fibre to the cabinet), then SoGEA should be available to you.

About Line Speeds

Our fast, reliable Broadband tariffs generally offer the highest speeds possible at your premises, whether you're in a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), ADSL2+ or ADSL area.

FTTC and and ADSL connection speeds available to you will depend on a number of factors that determine your line quality. The main factor for ADSL broadband, is the distance to your local telephone exchange, or the fibre-enabled cabinet your line is connected to (for FTTC connections). Actual broadband line speed will be determined during the first 10 days of use, after which time the highest stable rate possible will be set.

As Full Fibre broadband (FTTP) does not use your telephone line, it is not susceptible to the same factors that can affect broadband provided over a telephone line. Often the only factors affecting FTTP speed is contention and congestion in the network and end users devices that are connected.

If you're concerned about your broadband speed, read our advice on how to fix slow broadband.

Essential Information

Activation or migration from another internet service provider normally takes 10-15 working days. There is no minimum-term contract with Freeola's ADSL, FTTC or FTTP tariffs. and legacy FTTP tariffs have a 12 month contract. All Freeola services are subject to our terms and conditions.

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