Freeola posted on Wednesday May 24th, 2017

It's super-easy to build a website with our very own InstantPro WebSite Builder and the results are impressive with just the standard features. But there are also loads of great widgets and third-party plugins available, free-of-charge, that you can bolt onto your website; just by adding a little bit of custom code. It's actually surprisingly easy to add some custom code, even if you have no coding knowledge or experience whatsoever.

In this post we are going to take a look at 5 of my favourite widgets and plugins, which are really handy and super-easy to add:

  1. Google Maps: If you have a physical shop/location that you would like to draw customers to, a map is essential. Everyone is familiar with Google Maps, they are clear, concise and easy to use. Visitors to your site can click on the link to see a larger map and get directions. Visitors on a mobile phone can even set up the sat nav to guide them there in just a few clicks! Adding the snippet is super easy too; we even have a step-by-step guide to help you out.

  2. Embedding Videos: Is there a video you would like to add from YouTube, Vimeo or another similar site? You can add a snippet for a video, which makes it easy to add the video to any of the pages on your site. Videos and media are a great way to make your site more interesting and to engage customers. You can take a look at our Adding YouTube Videos tutorial here. Although the guide focuses on YouTube, most sites are pretty similar.

  3. Google Translate: The great thing about the internet and having a website is just how far out you can reach, you can reach people and places that you may never have imagined. Adding Google Translate means that your site is accessible to audiences that speak a multitude of different languages. A handy drop down menu can be added, allowing visitors to select their language. If you use Google Analytics, you can even track translation traffic (so you can tailor your website accordingly). To get started check out our Google Translate tutorial.

  4. Facebook: Facebook offers an array of social plugins that you can add to your site. It is easy to embed information from Facebook and add buttons (such as like, share and follow). Social Media is the new "word of mouth", getting likes, shares and comments on your page will make you visible to friends of friends and so on. It's a cost effective way of finding new customers. To get started, check out our Using Facebook With InstantPro tutorial.

  5. Twitter: Linking your site to your Twitter page can also be beneficial, your site visitors can become followers, and followers will see when you have added updates/deals and click through to your site. It's always great to get retweets and likes - it means that more people will learn about you. You can keep everyone up to date by linking the two. Learn how to embed Twitter Widgets to you InstantPro site with our tutorial Using Twitter With InstantPro.

Although this list is my top 5, JQuery Cycle also gets an honourable mention. JQuery Cycle is a slideshow plugin, offering a number of customisable transition effects and is a fantastic way of showing off your images. It is however a little more complex than the above options, and is best applied by someone with a little bit of coding experience.

The plugins and widgets listed are all very easy to add and can really enhance your visitors experience - so it's well worth looking into some of them.

You can also take a look at all of our Custom Code & Snippets tutorials here.

If you are still struggling and feel like you might need some help, here at Freeola we offer a number of affordable web design packages; whether it's just a little assistance that you need or a whole site design. You can check out our web design packages or get in touch with our web design team.

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