Freeola posted on Thursday October 5th, 2017

Here at Freeola, we decided it would be great if you only had to pay for what you needed - not a load of call options that you never use. See how you could save money by checking out our Silent Line Rental Video.

We've developed a unique broadband-only line rental without outbound calls. Our Silent Line Rental works with most internet connections, still allows incoming calls and can be used to call emergency and freephone numbers, on a flexible 30 day rolling contract for under £10 a month. Use our phone line checker to see if you can switch and save up to £85 a year.

Most broadband providers still deliver internet through phone lines, meaning that in order to have an internet connection, you'll need a phone line and will have to pay for line rental.

You've probably found yourself paying for a line rental 'deal' offering something like free or discounted weekend calls. This isn't as useful as it used to be - if you need to make a call nowadays you're far more likely to reach for your mobile, and you probably still have hundreds of minutes of unused call time at the end of the month. On top of this how much are you really paying for these 'benefits', and are the calls really working out to be free?

Find out more about Freeola's Line Rental by visiting our Silent Line Rental Page.

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