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Setting up website analytics is one of the most important steps in beginning to optimise your website. Analytics can provide a huge range of useful information for you to consider before you start making changes to your site. A few examples of the type of information some of the website analytics tools can provide are below:

  • How long people spend on your site.
  • Where your visitors came from (Google/Bing/Yahoo etc.)
  • Which pages of your site are most popular.
  • What devices people use to view your site.
  • What elements of your page visitors are clicking on.
  • How many visitors are coming to your website.

Analytics can give you loads of seriously useful information for monitoring your site performance and testing out what is and isn't working when you start to optimise your site. All of the data in the list above, plus hundreds of other metrics can make for a very powerful tool.

As you can imagine, it can be pretty easy to get caught up and overwhelmed with all of the data. Sometimes it can help if you know what you're looking for and you can narrow it down to a few key stats that give you some useful information that's relevant to the changes you plan to make.

For example, if you're thinking about starting to do some keyword research and try to optimise your text for certain keywords, take a look at what people are searching for in google to get to your site, or search for a few relevant keywords and see where your pages appear in google.

The key to using analytics effectively is to find the right information, which is relevant to the changes you're about to make. So with that in mind, here's a few of our favourite analytics software sites:

Take a look through some of the analytics sites listed above and see what suits you best before making your mind up, many of the paid services will allow a free trial to let you see if you get on with their platforms. We'd recommend starting out with Google Analytics - as it's free - and then looking towards the paid services if you feel like you need something with a little extra information.

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