Freeola posted on Friday September 8th, 2017

If you have a domain in the .uk family (such as or, then you might be able to register the .uk for 2 years for free!

In 2014 the .uk domain was released, due to its similarity to other domains in the .uk family, Nominet reserved the rights to the .uk for 5 years. So if you happened to register your domain before October 2013; you may have a .uk with your name on it.

The release of the .uk introduces a shorter, snappier and more modern domain. The .uk follows in the footsteps of many other countries, which already use the short country code for their domestic websites.

Here at Get Dotted, until the end of October 2017 we are offering you the chance to register your reserved .uk for 2 years for free! If you aren't sure if you have a .uk reserved for you, just enter it into our handy Domain Checker to see.

After 10th June 2019, all previously reserved .uk domains will become publicly available, meaning anyone can purchase them (and have a strikingly similar domain to yours). By claiming your free 2 year registration, you can guarantee the ownership and security of your .uk. You can even add it to your sites and get everything ready and in place.

To find out more about the introduction of the .uk domain and you can check out our blog post Do You Need a .UK and .CO.UK? and our .uk Domain Page.

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