Freeola posted on Friday May 13th, 2016

Pre-Owned Domain Names for Sale

With well over 300 million domains registered worldwide, getting the right domain can get a little tricky. Finding a domain name that's either what you want or close to what you want is getting harder and harder. But as many of the best domains are now taken, it also means that if you already own a domain, it could now be worth a lot more than what you paid to register it, so rather than letting it expire when you're finished with it, you may want to think about selling it. You may have even seen a good domain name was available and decided to buy it, with the intention of selling it later.

So if you're struggling to find the right domain or you're thinking of selling up, take a look at the GetDotted Pre-Owned Domains page to see our premium domains, or to list a domain of your own for sale.

Looking for Domains:

If you can't find a new domain name that tickles your fancy - then why not take a look at the pre-owned domains on offer, you can even use the search function to see if there's a domain that you'd like to make an offer on. Take a look at the domains currently for sale.

We do advise that you verify authenticity and legal status before making an offer to acquire any pre-owned domains.

Selling Domains:

On our pre-owned domains page, you can list multiple domains for free, there's no commission for selling, no obligation to sell and unlike auctions you can specify your price, or leave it open to offers. Your details will also remain anonymous - people that are interested in your domain will be asked to complete a contact form, which will be passed on to you via email, cutting out spam emails. There is even the option to have a simple placeholder page (with links for potential buyers to contact you and make an offer). Find out more about selling your domain.

In order to list a domain for sale with GetDotted, the relevant domain(s) will have to be held under, and managed via the MyFreeola Control Panel. If your domain isn't managed by us, you can quickly and easily transfer your domain to for free. will handle communication, but does not provide the facility to handle bids, invoices and payments. You can choose how to proceed with a sale, and you may wish to enlist the help of a company such as Escrow services to assist in the sale and purchase (especially for premium listed domains).

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