Freeola posted on Wednesday August 30th, 2017

Whether you originally knew it as 'Gameaday', 'GAD' or 'Win Any Game', it's a competition that's been with us since the dawn of the millennium. But after seventeen fun-filled years it's finally coming to a close, with final prizes awarded this September.

The competition evolved over the years, but the concept was simple. Take part in our interactive websites and the best contributions win a videogame. That's any game of your choice, for PC or console. Growing out of the fondly-remembered Special Reserve Discount Network, there was a clear gaming focus from the off. Contributors won prizes for submitting game cheats, walkthroughs or just chatting on our forums. Not to mention a series of special challenges that saw prizes awarded for short-stories, quizzes and all manner of ad hoc fun. The chat forums quickly became a real hub for discussion on the competition. Regular users vied with each other to amass prizes and, to be fair, often helped each other to win too.

Some of the competition's statistics are truly impressive. Take a look at our Winners Hall of Fame. Plenty of users have won dozens of prizes. Our reigning (never to be defeated) champion is 'pb', an active member of the community from the start, who's racked up a dazzling 162 wins.

The competition's total prize value since the year 2000 has topped over £225,000. An impressive number of games, huh? To give you some idea: if you were to buy £225,000 worth of Nintendo Banjo-Kazooie cartridges and lay them all side-by-side, they'd cover an area the size of a part of Wales. Or maybe a football pitch... I forget. But they'd cover something pretty big, no doubt about it.

The competition has changed focus over the years, shifting away from games content towards the internet and web-design subject-matter that is Freeola's bread and butter. And we added Amazon vouchers as an alternative prize for the non-gamers out there. So don't miss out on your last chances to win a prize. You can still write for the Freeola Blog or the Freeola Guides to grab yourself a prize, before it's too late. There are four more opportunities to win before the competition closes at the end of September.

So good luck and thanks to everyone who's ever taken part. It's been a blast. But is this really the end for the Freeola competitions? Not a bit of it. We're currently giving away Amazon vouchers for photographs and we'll surely announce new competitions in the future. Watch this space, as they say.

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