Freeola posted on Thursday November 9th, 2017

We all have a favourite or main email address, the one that we use for most of our email correspondence, for online shopping and for logging into our favourite sites. So understandably, it's also the one that you would use when registering a domain. You might skip past the section about WhoIs Privacy Protection - but should you? Do you need it?

When you register a domain, the details that you give are added to the global WhoIs database. The WhoIs database is designed to help with domain disputes and to enforce customer protection, trademarks and other laws. However the database is publicly available - meaning that if you didn't select "Privacy" when you bought your domain, your details can be downloaded by everybody in the whole wide world. In fact you can look up the WhoIs record yourself on GetDotted, by clicking the "i" for information button next to any GetDotted search result.

This is where the world wide web can start to seem a little like the wild wild west. Cowboy companies and outlaws with no morals will scrape and plunder these databases for contact details, and begin their merciless campaign of spamming! Unfortunately with the law being a little murky in this area, with victims not knowing where to turn to, this is like a lawless territory.

That's why WhoIs Privacy Protection is so important. By selecting Privacy Protection your private details will be replaced with generic information, meaning the spammers can't get through to you. In order to ensure the best possible protection, we'd recommend adding the privacy when purchasing a domain. However if you missed out on doing this, fear not you can add this to existing domains. Although some spammers may have got their dirty mitts on your details already, it will prevent even more from finding you! If you are using an email service like Freeola's EmailPro, you can even blacklist the addresses that have already managed to contact you.

Adding WhoIs Privacy Protection won't break the bank, it's absolutely free on some domains and can be added to others for £3.49 per year, discounted by up to 40% with your Freeola and GetDotted Domain Portfolio Discount.

To find out more, visit our WhoIs Privacy Protection page or our more in depth post "Why Am I Getting Spammed After Buying a New Domain?"

Note: Most domains are eligible for Privacy Protection (but not all), to read more and to check out if your domain type is eligible visit our WhoIs Privacy page.

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