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Online blogging has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with the majority of sites on the web featuring dedicated blog sections, from small personal websites to large eCommerce or business sites. The growing popularity of online blogging has given rise to a plethora of blogging software and Content Management Systems (CMS), so the choice is yours. At Freeola, we've carefully selected the best CMS and blog softwares, so you get nothing less than a fully functional and professional blog - including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and InstantPro.

You can get set up to start blogging straight away with our free blog website offer. Alternatively, take advantage of our cheap blog hosting, where installing a blog is incredibly simple. Use our dedicated WordPress hosting and you're ready to go almost instantly. If you don't fancy that, take a look at our zero-hassle, no expert knowledge required, InstantPro Website Builder with in-built blog functionality.

Our Top Free Blog Software & CMS

There's a vast array of choice when to comes to blogs, blog hosting and blogging platforms - whether you get them for free (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more) and or choose to sign up to a paid service (Movable Type, Expression Engine), so making the right choice can be a little daunting.

Take a look below for some more info on some of our favorite popular, free blogging platforms, all of which can be easily used and work a treat for anything from a small personal blog to a full-scale business blog and website. If you're still confused at the prospect of CMS and full-blown web hosting and don't fancy the hassle, read a little more about our InstantPro service, complete with an Instant Blog, below.

Blog Hosting

WordPress is the most popular content management system around - in fact, it's already powering about 23% of the internet. With an easy-to-use interface, thousands of themes, plug-ins and widgets (free and paid), the ability to optimise your website at your own domain name and a great user and developer forum, it's no surprise that so many webmasters and businesses choose to create blogs and websites using WordPress.

Here's the best bit - WordPress is completely free and you can set up a WordPress blog or website effortlessly with Freeola WP Web Hosting (pre-installed with WordPress) on your own domain name (take a look at if need one of these).

Find out more about WordPress Free Blog Software

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For those of you that aren't inclined to go with a WordPress blog, there is Joomla. Joomla provides a powerful and free CMS/blogging platform which can be used to create a simple, personal blog or a fully functional business website. Some of the well-established sites using Joomla for their websites and blogging needs include MTV, Peugeot and eBay.

With thousands of plugins and add-ons available for Joomla users, setting up a Joomla blog doesn't necessarily require any custom code but is fully customisable if you've got any knowledge of coding. Joomla is totally free and all you need to host your Joomla website or blog with Freeola is a subscription to our Freeola MySQL Web Hosting. You can even use our One-Click Software Installation option to install Joomla.

Find out more about Joomla Free Blog Hosting Software

Blog Hosting

Third on our list of top CMS and blogging platforms (and the final third-party blogging solution on our list) is Drupal. With an active community of developers and users, a large number of themes, plugins and other modules, its no surprise that some big names (The New York Observer, Sony Music and Popular Science, to name just a few) use Drupal as their CMS and blogging platform.

Drupal is totally free and you can host your Drupal-powered blog or website with Freeola Freeola MySQL Web Hosting.

Find out more about Drupal Blog & CMS

Setting Up Your Blog Couldn't Be Easier!
One-Click Installs With Freeola MySQL Web Hosting

Which Is The Best Online Blog Hosting Option For Me?

With Freeola hosting there are two options for adding a blog to your website. If you just want to get blogging as quickly and easily as possible, with nothing to download or install, then we recommend our Instant Blog, a step-by-step blog hosting solution, available within our own content management system, InstantPro Website Builder .

If you want a fully customisable and widely recognised blog hosting solution we recommend using one of third-party CMS's discussed above. These options often requires some technical understanding to setup but is still relatively simple and will provide an advanced online blog hosting solution.

Install a CMS Platform

Upload the CMS of you choice to your web space and get blogging with Freeola MySQL Web Hosting for just £5.85 p/m or use our dedicated WordPress hosting for just £4.85 p/m.

Get an InstantPro Blog

Start a blog with nothing to download or install with the Instant Blog included with InstantPro Website Builder from just £3.49 p/m.

Need Some Help?

If you get stuck setting up your online blog hosting solution, don't worry, we have guides for all of the recommended CMS's (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), as well as guides for our own Instant Blog with InstantPro Website Builder. Just choose the relevant guide from below:

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