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What is web hosting? Find out all about web hosting right here!
So you've got your site built? Let's discuss getting it online...
One of the most important aspects of getting a website on the web is the web hosting product. Your website won't be very successful if nobody can visit it! Check out our following guide about web hosting products and providers, and what you need to look out for.

Web Hosting Packages & Features:

With your web site designed  and waiting to go live, you're going to need to look for a web hosting package. So, what is web hosting? Well, a web hosting package is basically a collection of features bundled together and used for getting your web site online. You'll commonly be required to pay for your web hosting package, and this will more often than not be on a monthly basis.

Web Space:
The internet is made out of a vast network of computers and IP Addresses , known as servers which are accessible and viewable by anybody with an internet connection. The web space included in a web hosting package is a section of space on one of these servers where your web site can be stored, and therefore available to view on the web by anyone with access to the internet.

Different web hosting packages provide different amounts of space, and you'll usually pay more or less for your web hosting package depending on how much web space it provides. If your web site was built by a web designer, they will normally let you know how much web space you will need, and may well either include website hosting in their package, or recommend a suitable web host for you.

A few web hosting providers, however, offer packages with unlimited web space at no extra cost, so you dont even need to worry about how large your web site is, or adding new pages and images to it at a later date. A great example of a web hosting package with unlimited web space would be the Freeola VIP Hosting range .

It's then a fairly simple case of moving your files from your computer onto your webspace using a method called FTP Uploading. Take a look at our FTP Upload Guide  for more on this.

Web Hosting Features:
Although essentially, all you really need from a web hosting package is enough web space to store your web site, most packages offer some great extra features which can really improve your web site.

A lot of packages will provide you with tools to track how many visitors your web site is receiving on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. You'll also likely find tools to improve the ranking in which your web site appears when users search for relevant terms on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN Live.

Different features will appeal to different people, and will also depend on what you want to achieve with your web site. If you want to make money from your new web site, then you'll need to pay attention to where your visitors are seeing your web site from, what type of computer they are using and perhaps what language they speak, so you can improve the site based on this information. If you just want a web site so your family can see up-to-date photos of your new pet meerkat, then making your web site accessible for all might not matter so much.

Take a look at some of the great benefits offered by both of the Freeola VIP Hosting packages  for features that you may prefer with your web hosting package. For only £3 per month, even the cheapest package has unlimited web space and enough great features to rival web hosting packages provided elsewhere.

If you only want a simple web hosting package with no bells and whistles, maybe our free web space  is for you? Simply switch to Freeola Broadband  or Dial-Up Internet  and you'll be able to host unlimited web sites of unlimited size absolutely free of charge!

If in the end you do decide to go with a simple web hosting package that doesn't include many free tools, there are many free tools, statistics packages and more out there for you to use in conjunction with your web space. Take a look at Google Analytics  or Webmaster Tools , or for a simple statistics tool (to show how many visitors your site is receiving), try 

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Glossary of Terms
Web Hosting
Web Hosting, or a web hosting package is a collection of hosting features which allow the uploading of web site files to display on the internet. Web hosting often includes extra features to track performance, stats and so on.

Web Hosting Provider
A web hosting provider is a company that offers web hosting packages, and will usually have a range of packages to choose from.

Web Space
Web space is included in all web hosting packages, and is an allocation of space on the world wide web where your web files will be stored and shown.

Web Hosting Features
Most web hosting packages will included features on top of the web space, such as traffic counting software, added options, customisable error pages etc.

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